Q0787. I change into someone I don’t want to be when he’s around, I’m so sad!


I have noticed that when my twin is around, I change into someone I am not and do not want to be. I will explain it further; it is clear that ego is at work here. As soon as he gets to my neighborhood, I can no longer behave in a relaxed way, I utter the stupidest things and I don’t dare look at him. I look like a goddamn teenage girl in love while I’m long past that age. When he’s gone, I think about what I should have said (for fun and ad rems), but that’s pretty late. He seems to have no trouble just remaining himself, and everyone seems to be able to do that except me. I am so disappointed with myself, I also don’t know how to break this. It even leads me to look forward to meeting him and I don’t want to because that is so nice on the other side. My twin also has an ego that often plays a part in our contact, but I know exactly when it is and what goes on in him. But on the other hand, I think he only sees that weird woman who is no longer able to give an attitude and who can never really do it spontaneously. I’m so sad. What can I do dear people?

Answer 1
I absolutely recognize this and after all these years I am still struggling with it. I would like to give you a redeeming answer or tip, but that feeling cannot be controlled. I have a lot to do with people on a daily basis, I see and speak a lot, for nothing and no one is reluctant, but when she is around it seems like I want to scream around me or even run away. Let alone have the opportunity to approach her and make eye contact. I definitely don’t know myself like this and like you, this will be an obstacle to having a normal conversation or being yourself. Getting closer seems that way far away. If she is in the area then I can describe myself as a disturbed person at that moment. Calming afterwards, before the heart rate drops, also takes at least 20 minutes. Does anyone have any tips, because what is this actually? This is actually too sick for words. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Ah look, still a response, thanks! Yes, what you write (that running away) my twin does sometimes. I literally get the feeling that the ground under his feet is getting too hot for him and then he is gone. Personally, I have a lot of trouble getting rid of our contact and going away or ending a conversation. I recently saw him and then I managed to be completely myself, that was wonderful. But I don’t know why it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t work. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Oh yes I recognize this enormously! In the beginning I just wanted to run away very quickly and hide, on the toilet or something but yes again that is such a shame, you just see your twinflame again and you run away I mainly learned to stay very close to myself, closed with your own feeling (heart / soul), be strong and don’t let yourself be blown away . Success (unknown)

Answer 4
I believe that your inner senses, your chakras, are sharp. It surprises me, the ease with which twinflames can continue to see each other. We can’t do that, no way! We have to be neatly on hold for 5 years for the check, and we have tried it once, everything went wrong so that we could not see each other, or only very briefly. (Unknown)