Q0783. Do we both know?


Is it true that if one half of twinflames knows that this is soul love, then automatically the other half also knows it?

Answer 1
No, this is not the case. If one knows that it is soul love, the other need not know this. The other person may never have heard of soul love / twinflames. However, if you are each other’s soul love, you will both feel this. You will know for sure that there is something special between you. You are drawn to each other like magnets, there is a huge chemistry, etc. etc. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Ah thanks for your response. Then he also knows, I can feel it in everything. But I don’t think he knows the concept of soul love yet. I can be wrong of course. (Unknown)

Answer 3
There will always be chemistry between the two. The other person cannot feel the special feeling. But will the other not be able to forget the one ??? (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, if you are each other’s soul love, you know that deep down. But not everyone can give it this name because not everyone knows the concept of soul love. I think my soul love has never heard of it, but from so many things it appears that he really feels something for me. And yet, the ego often gets the upper hand and shouts at me that I just imagine everything … what about you? (Unknown)

Answer 5
I often have the feeling that I am just imagining it all. And you are certainly not the only one. See my answer (1) at 788. (Unknown)