Q0782. Is he my soul love / twinflame?


Eighteen months ago I met a boy in England. We were in the same language school for a week. He was 21, me 19. From the moment we saw each other there was a huge attraction between us. It felt like we were being pulled together like magnets. There was such a chemistry between us. From day 1 we were always close together. It felt like we already knew each other. We didn’t know what to do when we said goodbye. He had a girlfriend. We both felt the same. It felt like there was so much to talk about, but only a few words came out. It’s so crazy, it feels scary, what’s this? I will never feel this again for someone else, it feels like I already know you, it feels so trusting. We will stay in touch anyway. We will see if it still feels the same after a while. He lives in Germany and I live in the Netherlands. We both did not know what had happened to us. We had never heard either of soulmates or twinflames. In the same 2 months I saw him twice more. The feeling was still there, and we didn’t know what to do with it. We never kissed, only hugged each other, which felt so good. Now, after more than a year I have seen him again. The feeling was still there, it just seemed to have become stronger. I missed him so much. He is in my head every day. I have had such sadness and pain. Nobody can match this. I started searching the internet and then I came across all sorts of sites that deal with twinflames, soulmates. I recognized myself very much in this. But when I talk to friends or family about it, they don’t understand what I mean. Sometimes I think I’m kidding myself. When we saw each other again a few weeks ago, the weather was so special. It just feels so good, trusts. It felt like there had never been a year in between. He still has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. But the appeal was too great. We kissed. We both wanted to feel what this would be like, and it was indescribable. The past six months and now I still have the feeling that I am all getting signs. On license plates, for example, I often see the first letters of our last names. Double digits, twinflame, zv, zl, etc. I also often see double digits on the clock. After our meeting I have not been in contact with him anymore. But I have twice had the feeling that I felt it in one way or another. I was just walking through the mall, and suddenly I felt my heart completely glowing, I felt so happy, so crazy. Just as if I knew it was right. Can all this be true? Can he be my soulmate / twinflame? I sometimes have the feeling that I am completely turning around. Nobody in my area has heard of this and I am not spiritual myself either. I just miss him so much. I try to forget him, but this just doesn’t work. Every time I try to forget it, it seems like I am getting signs again. I don’t know anymore, I don’t know what this is and what I should do with it. I hope this is the answer. It is true that before I went to England I often asked if I could meet my ‘true love’. Someone where our feelings are truly mutual. I have asked what my purpose is here on earth and that I want to mean something.

Answer 1
Hello Questioner, Have to do with you, because I recognize your uncertainty and because you still have a lot to discover. The feelings that you describe certainly point to a soul’s love for me. My twin and I now have a telepathic relationship (we can’t be together). Sometimes when I think of him or when he says he loves me, I also feel that glowing in my heart, wonderful. It is a lonely, but also very beautiful process. Watch what you ask for, because you get it! Whether you and your twin come together or not: it speeds up your spiritual development. After a long and painful process, it has given me faith and confidence that your soul will continue after death and that twin and I will certainly come together to continue learning together (again on earth or elsewhere). Strength and trust your feeling. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Of course you are heard, whether you believe or not, you are open to it and you have said for yourself what you would like, that’s how you went to England. I recognize that click and it is lifelong. All sorts of impractical things come to the fore, but your feelings don’t care. That feeling you have is so overwhelming that it stays. I opted for certainty years ago, and built a life with a nice partner, but never the click that you had with your twinflame at that time. That is why we visited each other again after many years, and it feels like we are merging again. This happens to you now, but the doubts and practical objections still have the upper hand. It comes down to making choices and you have to do that yourself. success! (Unknown)

Answer 3
I agree with both answers above! What you ask for and sincerely want, you can count on. So be careful what you wish for. The click described is one that never goes away, there is a bond between two people that is forever. Strange coincidences happen between twinflames, controlled by the universe. Things that seem too coincidental to be true. You will also experience that. There will also be difficult periods, in which you miss the other person so much and you no longer see the end of the tunnel. But in the end everything will be fine. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you very much for your answer. I am so happy that someone understands me. I myself also have the feeling that after our meeting my development went at a rapid pace. In the past year many violent things have happened and I have grown a lot. Sometimes I feel like we both have to grow more before we can be together. I also notice that I am growing spiritually. It feels very special that my question has been heard, it only seems so unreal, but I am certainly open to it. We have chosen to continue with our lives separately first, because a relationship now simply does not work. Yet I think of him every day. And we agreed that we will meet again soon in Germany. I wish you a lot of strength with the loss, whatever you think I have? Did you also have that chemistry, the click, the familiar, that it feels like it is completely right, from the first moment? I think that despite the loss we may be very grateful that this happened to us, I have read that this only happens to a few. (Unknown)

Answer 5
That chemistry, that click, that familiar feeling. it can feel whether you can be yourself more than before. Emotions that you didn’t know you had, so intense. Only: it doesn’t work out for a while, and then what do you do, you just let it run its course. And then your feeling does not agree with this, it forces you to reconnect, and you respond to it, otherwise you will not make it, you want to twist yourself in all sorts of turns, as long as you can be together. Then there is the ultimate feeling of being happy with each other, but when the circumstances call for having to separate again, you melt with sorrow. (Unknown)