Q0781. How to handle this?


To write ‘my’ story here feels too personal … I met my soulmate 5 years ago … It has been broken for 5 months, my soulmate could no longer cope with the proximity … Once on this site I read a lot of recognition when you if soulmates had to break the friendship … Must, because this is better for both … not because we wanted to … The pain is intense … sometimes heartbreaking … We had no love affair. We were friends … My question: I would like to ask others how to deal with this? My soulmate lives in the same village, so we meet each other every week and have a chat … More than that is not happening (now), but during those encounters I feel the strong bond we have … that bond is intense, so special. We no longer ‘see’ each other, but we stay connected forever. Who has tips? I am looking for a way to make the pain less intense … Because at every meeting I feel the pain, but also the connectedness … Who recognizes what in this story?