Q0774. What could this be?


I think this topic has been before, but I still have a question about this. My twinflame has been a good time in my life. I experienced a lot and went through it, intense eye contact, merging, feeling his soul, been very close. The process goes with ups and downs. We are friends now and it has been a long time since we have seen each other. But I am not dependent on him, am also happy without him. Now sometimes I suddenly have such a very light feeling in my head and it feels as if I have been shot and that while I have not drunk a drop of alcohol. Finally, I was walking on the street and it felt like I was drunk..would that affect my dear twinflame? Would you like answers because this is very special or not? thanks Dear greetings

Answer 1
The light feeling in your head, I know that, as if I have had too much to drink, sometimes it comes in all its intensity and you just have to put it in place. I think it has to do with the fact that you think you have everything under control but that you are still emotionally concerned with your thought of that one person. That requires so much energy that depletes. Ordinary life just goes on but you always have to think about the other person. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, or kundalini energy. (Wieweet)
Answer 3 @ wieweet: I also thought about that, about Kundalini energy. Since three days I experience again tingling and goose bumps on my crown, my forearms or my left lower leg. Either I think of something / someone and not much later I come across that person or something happens that has to do with the thought I had shortly before. A very strange sensation … (Unknown)

Answer 4
I recognize it too. A high feeling when he is there or calling me. So bad that I bounce in bed all night and just don’t get tired. He gives me so much energy. (Unknown)

Answer 5
My soul win who only checks by phone to see if I have already returned from vacation, then he sets the connection to OFF immediately when I answer. It only needs to happen once and I know it was him, I then lie awake all night with excitement and energy, it remains incredible that energy between soul winners. For example, I cycled past his house in Rotterdam, I had to go to Amsterdam and I cycled the entire ride on an empty stomach in 3 and a half hours. And after that I wasn’t hungry yet. I know a couple of soul winners and at one point there stood the bailiff on the sidewalk, reminders from the Tax Authorities, haha, they were really the whole time with the feet of the two of them. (Who knows)