Q0768. Family of


My question is the following: Suppose that you are almost certain that someone is your twinflame, and so say if a (twin) brother / sister feels like you, is it kind of logical that real blood relatives of that person feel so familiar to you too? And even more so, can those blood relatives feel that bond without having any information at all? That they are crazy about you, or feel that you belong, or that ever an even greater role in the lives of those resp. family going to play?

Answer 1
Do think that blood relatives of your twinflame may feel familiar and also think that those of your blood relatives may feel the bond you have with your twinflame. Only it depends on how they are in the spiritual field. Some feel things better and more than others. Family members of mine sometimes sense things that play with me, while I do not feel that at all, that is even better in some cases. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Thank you for the answer. That of that spiritual disposition is funny, because I see that they have it (now, since my smooth ‘growth’ say) I see / recognize it in my twinflame in particular (and who meanwhile also think a bit about themselves) but apparently also with 1 of his brothers, while that really in terms of character would be the last to whom you would attribute that. Feels good though. But meanwhile know that nothing is what it seems. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Maybe a late response but still wants to share it. A twinflame does not feel like a brother / sister but as a loved one. My feeling towards twins family is ‘unknown’ and I know that twin is also recognized by my family. At least with several, it depends on the level of feeling of the people who love me, they also love my twin even though they have seen him only once I feel and I know, not that they know what twins are but that you have the same kind of way of life / looking / being. Even people who are not spiritually aware recognize something between us, spontaneously begin to tell me things about twin, even though they don’t even know we are dealing with each other. (Unknown)

Answer 4
answer 3; I have no experience with having the same view of life. I don’t know much about twinflames. But it is true that people I have met and sometimes have only seen that these people are all the same in their actions, the same way of walking, of reacting, the whole attitude. With one of them I had contact with, it also felt like it was family. I once had something with a person, once worked in a family (who felt the same to me than I did to them), met twinflames, saw people and then I still had real / earthly family members with whom I had no contact but who be just like that. It looks like a big family, I believe that is true. (Unknown)

Answer 5
To answer 3; I recognise that. A twinflame indeed feels like a loved one and not like a brother or sister. I also recognize that your family feels the twinflame as familiar. My parents are particularly happy with my twinflame while I am married to another. They are more in line than she and my husband. I also find it striking how many similarities (in attitude to life and appearance) my twinflame has with my father. Do more people recognize this? (Unknown)

Answer 6
Here is the questioner himself. I mainly referred to the only role that this person can currently play in my (earthly) life because that person is currently in a relationship. By describing me as ‘twin sister’ it seems to be a bit more understandable for people, to grasp a bit more, because it is already complex enough as it is. And I can’t be more, for now. Only, however, that chemistry is there, and that is the reason that I have virtually no (physical) contact with him and it must do it a rendezvous occasionally as I described above. For me, he actually feels like much more than that, which cannot be captured in words, but that also means as a loved one. He can take on any role for me, I actually mean that more. The sister role is now the only role that I can play now and that gives me some strength to continue, it also makes ESP traffic a bit quieter and we all benefit from that. In short, it is also my brother, not just my brother. (Unknown)

Answer 7
To answer 6; I don’t know if you’re still reading this, but I just have a question. Are you really related to each other? (Unknown)

Answer 8
No, not despite the fact that our origins have quite a few parallels. That was (pre-twin knowledge) my explanation for the fact that he felt so enormously like ‘home’ / Same way ‘raised’ (in terms of norms / values ​​/ ways etc.) (Unknown)