Q0766. He still has to invent it?


I am now 17 and 2 years ago I met my soulmate / twinflame. I don’t know what it is exactly, but from the moment I know him I can’t let go and I love him dearly. a few days ago I had his photo read where we learned lessons from each other? I told him that he should stand more by his soul and he told me that I should let go more and come back to myself. she also said that he did not yet realize that he needed me so much, he does not know why. he also has fear of attachment and he has to go out into the world to find his peace because his ego and his soul are entangled. His soul is therefore further than his ego. I love him very much and hope that we come together later, we have already experienced a lot and also had short love relationships from time to time. I want nothing more than to continue with him but he still needs to find out? is that possible ? he compares me to every other girl but he doesn’t understand himself yet. should he look for himself? and would he find out? in his soul he loves me but he does not realize that yet .. I think he is too young for that, but I wonder if he will realize that and if we have a future. because we are strongly attracted to each other also sexually. He also feels more often when I am sad, or he calls me and he does not know why but that comes emotionally. He also has a lot of respect for me, I find it very intense and difficult to live without him! the more I cling to him, the faster he runs away, so I let him go and he will come again, I think, that has always been the case and I did not know why. but he is not yet ready to commit. can anyone give me advice?

Answer 1
Just as I was planning today to ask if there are any young adults who have to do with the love of your soul, your question appears here .. Is it a sign? I fully recognize your story, only me and my twinflame are 5 years older and we have just had a long-term relationship that started when we were 18. To meet your twinflame at such a young age is, to be honest, difficult in my opinion. Are you 100% sure that he is your twinflame? Do you recognize yourself in him? Does he mirror exactly what you are struggling with or things that you recognize in yourself? I have this exactly with my twinflame and because of this the change / consciousness process has started for both. Because pay attention to yourself that you are not dealing with a soulmate! You will certainly meet at your age. But if your feeling says it is that way and you don’t doubt it, it will be him. You are so young! and will learn so much from this world and learn lessons from your experiences, so be patient and always trust your intuition. Nothing rush, although it will take years before you have a real permanent relationship. He belongs to you now, but you just have to go through certain processes so that he can realize what you mean to him. Is he going to see another girl? Give it to him. Be happy for him and tell yourself that you are already connected and nobody can change that. If he stays with you but he is never sure and he will come and go then you will indeed do as you say, that you let it go when you feel it is necessary without pushing it aside and are together when you feel it is possible or necessary. You will need each other in the future, whether he realizes it or not he will ever become more aware, he just needs more time. And with all this you can never forget yourself. See you a stip! the same person, but are you with your twinflame in your head? Don’t let it stop you from going for it and still go nosing what the other boy has to offer. You are now in a phase of your life where you have to OPTIMALLY enjoy everything and allow yourself to enjoy, discover, … what life has to offer, apart from your twinflame .. Hard huh? Or do you like that? I have the feeling that you are already aware enough to realize that well enough. Just do not limit yourself to your twinflame! That will not help you in the long term and perhaps greatly reduce your chances together. If you keep in touch, it is impossible for him to disappear from your life and in your heart / soul he is ALWAYS there. I hope my advice can help you and only speak from personal experience! You are certainly doing well! Only watch out for the pitfalls ..Greetings! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Answer 1 correct answer but still I put this “pitfall” in perspective (in my opinion): Quote: “You are now in a phase of your life where you have to OPTIMALLY enjoy everything”. You have early and late bloomers, right? For example, for myself: I only fully enjoyed when I was 33 years old. You hear it so often, then you have to, and at that age you have to, that’s how we unnecessarily put pressure on ourselves and others. Okay, compulsory education at a certain age, I understand that, but otherwise ….? Age and experience is relative and strictly personal. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Yes I am sure it is him, I had his photo read and that is the first thing that came out. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I agree with the answer from wieweet, thanks wieweet idd what does age have to do with it. I think that it will put a certain pressure on it, I remember that a friend of mine said (he has a boyfriend and lives together etc): you are also 21? haha well as age has to do with that. Anyway .. I understand if you meet your twin at such a young age that you should not worry about that yet, I am now 23 and I also met my dear twin a long time ago. he was already on my path when I was 13, apparently my soul was ready. The process has been going on for a long time; fusing together, intense eye contact, very special! when I think backI live my life in the here and now and also enjoy my dear twin, sometimes I also go out and try to be happy without him, which sometimes works. I now know he can’t make me happy, that’s what I have to do myself. So yes age? Follow your feelings, there is a time for everything, and time has nothing to do with my feeling. Much love. (Elselina)

Answer 5
Good response that will certainly help you, I think. I myself am 35, so slightly older than some with this question. But I have been in love with my Twin Soul for 17 years. In the beginning I didn’t know that he was, and I thought it was a normal crush. Through all kinds of incidents and so-called coincidences, I discovered that this man is my twin. Half a year ago I had photos of him and me and us reading together, and it also came out very clearly. He is my exact opposite half. And that’s right, in everything. I have the same “problem” as the questioner; my twin does not see it yet and I have to give him time to go through his own process. At first I found that difficult, but after a long time I finally learned how to let him go in love and still stay connected to him. My love is unconditional, no matter what he does. Sometimes he tells very innocently about his love life and where that first hurt, I can now feel love and grant it to me with all my heart. Everyone walks their own way. You are still very young. What I also want to give you is that you just have to live your life, without leaving things for your twin. When the time is right, and only then will you come together. Until then it is not the intention to put your life on hold. Love, a soul love mate. (Unknown) without leaving things for your twin. When the time is right, and only then will you come together. Until then it is not the intention to put your life on hold. Love, a soul love mate. (Unknown) without leaving things for your twin. When the time is right, and only then will you come together. Until then it is not the intention to put your life on hold. Love, a soul love mate. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Thank you very much! This certainly helps me, I am not worried anymore because I know I will not lose him. I lead my own life and it will come naturally! (Unknown)