Q0762. Why is it like this?


“Again I lost you … All the effort was for nothing. I didn’t want to be confronted with myself then and you can’t stand it now when I tell you truths. I was allowed to come and see you the way I like you the most. You wanted me for pleasure. I was angry and threw my phone in the crap. I called you back because I love you. Just when I almost came to see you, you wanted to know what …? I was looking for a way to see you and hold you. You didn’t get the answer quickly enough and you said I was disturbed … This has never been said to me before and it has been the straw for us .. Dear Twin as much as I love you cannot be described with a pen. I dream of ever being able to hold you and be very close to you, to see your eyes and to look into your soul. Are dreams a fake? Please don’t talk … I really love you unconditionally. Despite everything, I am happy to have heard your voice for a while! ”Why is it going wrong again? This time definitively if I don’t hear from him anymore ….? Why is he doing that? Am I getting too close? He knows all the deep things about me and does he act so aloof? How can he say I’m insane?

Answer 1
Well, tell me what … It seems like the cards have been shuffled sometimes … Success. (Tod)

Answer 2
You know, I have sometimes called my twin disturbed, and that was because he actually showed disturbed behavior. Maybe you should ask yourself why it affects you that he says so, if you yourself know that you are not disturbed then you can just put it aside? Anyone can say to me that I am disturbed, I know that this is not the case, and so it does not bother me, at the moment that I get upset about such a remark, I should consult myself. If I read your story like this you have quite a few expectations of your twin behavior, let go of your twin if he or she indicates that it is enough. I also notice it myself, the contact I have with my twin is also disturbed, sometimes fortunately pleasantly disturbed, but still…. then I also withdraw, we never lose each other again and we don’t want that either. get well soon!

Answer 3
This is your ego that says this I think. Release all your anger and frustration. Just think of the beautiful feeling. Let go of that urge to be with him / her for a moment and enjoy this person from the inside (because your twinflame is in you). As long as you maintain this feeling, he / she will flee for you. Unconditional means forgiving everything and not thinking about it anymore. Forgive and let it rest for a while. Find peace in yourself. You have not lost him, he / she is in you! Focus on yourself. Enjoy the feeling of love that you feel. The love you feel for your twinflame is what you find in him of yourself. You have half of that. That is with you forever, part of your twinflame. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I completely understand what you mean questioner! I have now reached the point where I can let go of my ego completely in contact with my twinflame. However, he can only do this at times when he has drunk enough alcohol. Then it appears that certain inhibitions fall away (so his ego) and he is suddenly much more frank, yes indeed. He is the way he is, I know and feel that with all my heart. And he also makes statements that I will never forget about us or me. In addition, we are both in my dreams without ego. In these dreams I can communicate with him and we can even feel each other. That is very special. Even then there is complete transparency and honesty towards each other. I write down everything that happens in our contact, It is very nice and beautiful to follow the process and sometimes you suddenly understand something and some pieces of the puzzle fall into place. (Unknown)