Q0761. Privacy?


A bit of a crazy question, but how far does that “feel” go from your twin at a distance? Some say they can feel their twin here and now I wondered, can you feel, for example, if your twin has an orgasm? You can never check if your twin is not with you? I was last and within half an hour my twin had posted somewhere that could have something to do with it. I am not sure of course and I think the idea is pretty bizarre, but it has been occupying me for a while, so whoever dares to give an honest answer because it is a serious question.

Answer 1
No I cannot feel whether my twin has an orgasm, it does not go that far. I feel him strongest at work during the day. Often at half past four I feel a relief that comes from him, then his work succeeded (surgeon). Sometimes anger when things don’t go as he would like, sometimes uncertainty and then he seeks energetic support. But I hardly ever feel him in private. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Jah, that is possible if the “channel” is open and how close you are to your sense of love. In the rejection process you can sometimes feel that your soul love is less concerned with you because it just closes off for you. During the rejection process I have felt my twinflame a few times that he was “busy” and must have thought of me. When I am with my twinflame, and he or I is excited, we catch it from each other and transfer it to the other. It doesn’t take long when something happens. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 3
I always feel like my twinflame has orgasm when he thinks of me. Sometimes stronger than other times, but I always know when that is. He makes love with me in his head and I feel that very strongly. That is also always separate from my feeling confirmed by him. So yes, most of the time. AND if you don’t feel that, then you also feel that very small change in him / her. (Unknown)

Thank you for your answers, yes it is possible . I had often noticed that my twin reacted to it in real life, then we met each other and he looked at me very excitingly or something, or suddenly stood very close to me. Very special! Answer 3, I don’t understand the last sentence, what exactly do you mean by that? (Unknown)