Q0753. Let go more, be attracted more?


My soul has left me for another … her husband has died and he has moved in with her … I feel well thought of by him purely out of self-interest (he said that he was having trouble with me) … he is a materialist and she has money. Now he thinks his dream will come true. I wish him happiness but I wonder how can I let him go … the more I try the more he is there. Or am I jealous or something and that’s why I keep thinking about him … or does he attract me at those moments? Love

Answer 1
I recognize what you write, I have had the same experience. In my opinion it has little to do with jealousy, more the way it went. In my case, letting go was a difficult process. In this process a number of aspects are discussed, such as the processing of …, acceptance, having no expectations, back to your own inner feeling (coming back into your own strength), focusing on your own life, staying positive, finding your own values ​​and norms. This took time for me. I have achieved all this because I am in my own strength and it feels good. During the process I experienced the harder I pushed it away the harder it came back. He has since returned to live separately and has left her. He would prefer to return to our relationship. So much has happened between us and much has changed, that I now think differently about this. We are still in touch and don’t see each other just when it suits him! Which is also good for me. I have finally come to see that he still has a long way to go in his process. His ego! I wish you a lot of strength and power. (Unknown)

Answer 2
What a recognizable story. Not so much about the reason for your breach, but about the fact that it seems to attract you more when you try to let it go. I am currently experiencing that too. But I also don’t know if he actually pulls, or if it only seems that way, because I’m in the middle of the process of letting go. If you think of him a lot from jealousy, you probably know yourself, deep down. Speaking for myself, I can say that I am not yet ready to make everything, because I think the thought of a possible other woman in his life is just as bad. I want him too much for that. But maybe I have a tip for you. Make peace with your feelings, let everything be there. Don’t fight it, but don’t consciously look it up. If it’s already there, it’s there … If not, then that is only soothing. In this way I am quite able to withstand the process of letting go. I wish you! also a lot of strength with it. It belongs, it is something that must be done. The focus is no longer too much on him, but on what you do and want with your life. That is becoming independent of him, that is what letting go is about. Not for forgetting / banned, but for independence. Success! (Unknown)

Answer 3
Your twinflame must learn a lesson from her is my opinion. It could well be that this concerns matter. There is a difference between letting go and letting go. Letting go means not forgetting what some think. It is precisely when you try to forget the other that you will feel your Soul Love more. The most important thing is that you do your own things first and accept that he is currently with someone else. The time is not yet ripe for you. Find out which lesson you still have to learn / resolve anxiety. Gr. (Unknown)