Q0751. Do we differ too much?


Now that we have been in contact, I think we are too different. Different world and different norms and values. He a fast boy, nice talks, buys love with money, little or no sense of empathy. Nice for a while but not for life. A real woman-nizer and a life as a jet set. I like simple, feeling person, real love, sense of responsibility, family person. I still have the feeling that it is him, but in fact I have the feeling that it will never be. Over the phone again confrontation … It is again the feeling of coming home, confrontation and removal. I don’t want to lose him yet maybe friendship? I am happy in my earthly relationship. It is a bit of tension and I feel it through my stomach. Fortunately my friend can enjoy this … He has his old girlfriend (me) back. Do we differ too much? Or is he just a bad guy? I still feel connected to him, but in a different way than before …

Answer 1
If he is your soul love, then those conflicts are because old-age has not yet been resolved. As long as this is not resolved, conflicts will remain. The feeling of attraction and repulsion. Do not go too fast in the relationship and learn to discover each other in the right way, on an emotional basis. You will discover that there will be enough similarities. And try to add some water to the wine yourself . Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 2
I think he is a woman’s adornment. Give as many women as possible a good feeling in exchange for sex and beautiful things and eating out. Totally different world. As soon as I throw that at his feet he will deny and suddenly there has been nothing. He also only makes suggestive / vague comments. He also no longer responds to my friendly text messages. I think he feels unmasked or insulted by me. I realized him on time. He wanted me to come for sex and I just wanted to see him for a while or have held him … Unfortunately not successful .. He never looked at this site. Really a shame or he denies that too .. I have to let him go out of love, the train continues .. I will not stand still because I have my dreams too. Only those are different from his. I accept him with everything he is but just don’t go together .. It’s a boy with money (everything is for sale) and that is precisely the problem. A bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing but sometimes I still want to be that other wolf…. time heals the pain. Dear Twin, I’m going to let you go. Do what you are good at but also think of someone else’s feelings. I would really like to see you one more time, but then rather your real face … He is looking for a prey for a nice time to experience that will give him everything to fulfill his need. I would belong in that list but that is what I fit for .. I love my friend (earthly relationship). I help him to heal again. Together we are strong. I believe in you and make you better than what you already are out of love for you. I will tell you what I need and you will work on it! What a sweet man you are! From your sweet but also somewhat difficult female. (Unknown)