Q0744. Difference in contact?


Do you also notice that there is an essential difference between your normal contacts with people and that with your twinflame? Yesterday I suddenly realized that I literally remember everything he tells me, and if I forget I will come back to it later because I read a word somewhere about it, whether someone says something or something. Everything sticks to what he says, and many things have a double message. With other people I have this much less. It often happens that I think what he is saying. Is that telepathy?

Answer 1
It certainly resembles telepathy, recognize a lot of what you say, the kind of contact I have with my twin, and I don’t have anyone else. Enjoy it, that’s the most important thing! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I have experienced telepathy with my twin. I could hear what she thought, literally I heard all the words she thought. Never experienced. I think this is true love. She is waking up now and I hope to see her again this summer. I already feel very happy at the thought that I will see her soon. We have not known each other physically for 30 years and 29 years. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Indeed telepathic contact with your twin. And when we are together, his answers are often different than I feel. In our conversations it is his stubbornness that is bothering him and therefore unable to admit what he really feels. Because of his bad childhood and various nasty relationships, this is difficult for him to break through and does not notice that he reacts through his stubbornness. (Marjolein)

Answer 4
My twinflame sometimes becomes completely crazy about what I have remembered what he said. I often know precisely what he has said and what he has done. Then I get to hear that I am too busy with him and that I take him too much. I am sometimes surprised what I have remembered. You unknowingly remember those things. My twinflame has that too. For example, I have said something, which I feel is unimportant, and he knows how to repeat it completely. I was also surprised and looked at the fact that he thought I was too busy with him. Yes it is telepathy if you finish each other’s words or know what will be said. You are not on the same wavelength for nothing. Funny to hear that you also have here. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Here too clearly different contact, record everything and save what the other person says or does down to the smallest detail, sometimes also have the feeling that you have heard it before or experienced it as if a film that you have seen before is being played . Sometimes he also tells things that I think about, this is about you or me. I do not have all these things with others, only with my twinflame, particularly do you? explain that to an outsider . (Unknown)

Answer 6
Wow, thank you. I am more than happy to read your experiences and to confirm that this is indeed telepathy with the twinflame. I recently experienced something like that with my twin. He and I always said the same thing at the same time, up to three times. Early this morning, when I just woke up, I was thinking about a dream about him in which we would have sex, and I immediately fell asleep and got a dream like that. As if he was really there … (Unknown)