Q0741. What now?


After all confrontations and conflicts, she no longer wants and refuses to see that we are absolutely soulmates. The pain, which I really don’t wish anyone, is now almost greater than the intense experience. A perfect spiritual experience including a special love child from us. I think letting go is impossible … actually don’t really know how to live on …

Answer 1
Can’t you let go or can’t you let go of the experience? A perfect spiritual experience that is accompanied by conflicts and confrontations, how perfect is that? Self-reflection, I would first do that … (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Dear questioner, I am sincerely sorry for you, because I know what you are going through. I also recognized my soulmate and last Friday I saw him again, after almost three-quarters of a year. As a result, I became aware of the fact that he has little need for real contact with me and that the recognition is not mutual. All this time I thought I had let go of him quite well, but I notice that it has only just begun! Suddenly I have awakened from my dream world, I land on earth again and I see that I have romanticized everything. He is indeed my soulmate, because he taught me almost everything about myself, but that does not mean that he and I will grow old together. All of a sudden I see that the intention is to let go. At some point it is high time to put into practice what you have learned from the other. Really, I cried for it, am angry, resentful, rebellious and just down every now and then, but … knowing that your soul love is there to teach you to love yourself again, to make you independent of others again, ensures that the fighting spirit is stronger than ever. Also please never forget that letting go is not synonymous with forgetting. Because how can you learn from the most radical event in your life if you knew it from your memory? How can you learn from your twinflame and the memory of him / her when you banish your twinflame from your memory? These events must remain there to be able to fall back on as soon as you feel that you are sliding. You must be able to remember at all times what the lesson you have learned from him / her and to use it in your daily life. Letting go is really something different than forgetting … I hope it can be a consolation for you. You can do it too. I wish you a lot of strength. (Unknown)