Q0727. Contact or no contact?


I have obtained his telephone number and can no longer stand the lack of contact, have already found a good excuse to send him a text with a question. Yet I wonder if I am endangering my relationship. I am stronger now. The idea that I can have contact with him makes me super happy! (whether it succeeds is a second). Although it is about nothing and so I hope he will send something back. Maybe a question like what are you eating tonight? Cauliflower? haha. No, I’ve thought of something better. My question is the following; Would you contact him / her if you had his mobile number?

Answer 1
Oh, I don’t know that. I have been asking myself the same question this week, but slightly differently; I thought it would be an idea to buy the Sante this month with that article about soulmates in it. And then to put that magazine with him in the mailbox when he is not at home, so anonymously. It would be THE chance to let him read something about soul love, and there are also links to websites. But something in me tells me not to do it. First, I don’t know if he would read it, and second, I don’t know if he understands. It will only cause irritation and that’s just what I don’t want. So I just leave everything to fate, without intervening. In your case; how well do you know him, what would you like to text? I also texted my twinflame once in a while, but with a specific question that I needed to answer, something practical. He answered almost immediately, but after a few messages I cut it down to my great regret. Now I have decided not to contact myself anymore, he will have to do that next time. I don’t want to look desperate or annoying. If you yourself think it’s good to text, I’d do it. What can you do? You can best estimate that. But take a cool answer, rejection, or walk away into account. (Unknown) I don’t want to look desperate or annoying. If you yourself think it’s good to text, I’d do it. What can you do You can best estimate that. But take a cool answer, rejection, or walk away into account. (Unknown) I don’t want to look desperate or annoying. If you yourself think it’s good to text, I’d do it. What can you do? You can best estimate that. But take a cool answer, rejection, or walk away into account. (Unknown)

Answer 2
That temptation is great once his number is in your possession, you know all about it. I also made sure that he got my mobile number by calling him about a wipe. He asked with a happy tone in his voice if this was my new mobile number. So yes. Two days later we had an appointment, he texted me if I could go somewhere. Can’t describe what that did to me; felt like an adolescent with heart palpitations whenever my phone squeaked with a new text message. Those messages were also rather flirty on his part, albeit with a wink always, but still. I felt the undertone flawlessly. So it has had results. But now, a few months later, we hardly have any contact. We occasionally see each other by chance, but we do not call or text each other specifically. Doesn’t matter, I know what he feels for me and someday it will be fine. But I understand your desire all too well. I would just do it if you feel okay about it. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I would send him a crazy text message and if it were possible, even if I put my own relationship at risk, I think this is unstoppable and I would really like to get in touch, but yes I don’t just have his number contact on the street and in the pub once a year and that is soooo little, so do me that number, I knew it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
No I would not do that. I have his fixed telephone number but I don’t think about it, even if I had his mobile number. I’m up there. Spiritual contact, that goes so well, we continue to help and inspire each other. It looks like we’re finishing a scenario, so funny. Even if we were together, I wouldn’t call him either, just telepathic (and physical) communication for me. Much more fun and exciting. (Who knows)

Answer 5
I would like that now; have occasional contact, very careful, open, completely free to each other. also continue with your (spiritual) development, and your own life. easier than turning around each other and having no contact on principle, that makes me tickle, even though I do. don’t underestimate the impact of contact, so stay with yourself. I would like to find a form that is ok, that is easier with contact. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I also have a telephone number. from my ZL. I have been on the point of sending an SMS several times, but I have not done this. If you are sure that he is open to it, he will be very happy with the text. If he is not open to it, he will ask how you can use his telephone number. coming. I can say that it was “suddenly” sent to me, but nobody believes that ;-). For me it is a bit of figuring out what my ego is: the fear that rejection or the “received” phone number. my fear is. Gr. I’m very curious what your question is. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Do what your feelings tell you if this gives you a good feeling. If he reacts less pleasantly to this, you will not feel rejected. Once you have overcome your fears of rejection, you also dare to be completely honest with your twin. I came to that point and that also feels good to my twin. Before I had achieved this, I had to completely separate from my twin. Now my twin is contacting me in all sorts of ways. Of course I remain loving but also independent and in balance with myself. (Unknown)

Answer 8
I am soooooo happy! He responded. It is about something that he is concerned with and I have asked him a question about it. I am really interested in that, so that makes it easier. Very bad but I have bought a prepaid phone especially for … and it is not in my home nor in my bag. The text messages are about nothing. In that respect, I agree with answer 5. I would like to drown one more time in his eyes…. Still thinking with my mind and just keep texting. I feel like it’s my unwise birthday. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Wow, what a feeling huh? So I know it. But that you have bought a telephone for this purpose … And how often do you now text it? By the way, I heard that my twinflame has lost my number. He even wanted to text me (!) And didn’t have my number anymore. Hmm, first; why does he not guard my number with his life (joke) and secondly; how do I make sure he gets it again? A text message when it comes out is fine, but in my case I can’t really contact him for no reason. There must be a good reason to text or call him and I don’t have one for now. I will see him soon, so who knows, he might ask for it himself. (Unknown)

Answer 10
I said literally: now he just has to text me and see there; So he tried that but my number was no longer. The universe responded very quickly this time. I am disappointed, by the way, had once again been a great opportunity to expand my collection of text messages from him. (Unknown)

Answer 11
My twin broke off contact two years ago. Knowing that (if we really are twinflames) we will find each other anyway anyway I have erased his telephone number. We sporadically met each other online, but we no longer make calls. This year I have a new phone and number synchronizes my new phone with my email and I saw that I had not deleted his phone number anyway !! I saw that he was using whatssup … and only yesterday did I have the courage to send him a message with my new number. I sent him: Whatssup! He did not respond but suddenly came online today with the question: hey do you have a new phone? Haha he knew it was me .. and in the end we talked online for a few hours. As bold as I was, I told him to save my number in case he might need to call. And nice to know that he had already done that … Nja .. I am curious how long this contact will last for the umpteenth time … but 1 thing I know for sure .. we will not get away from each other and I enjoy the moment again … (Unknown)