Q0721. Did you know immediately?


Did you know immediately that he / she was your twin? For years I had good contact with the person who turned out to be my twinflame a year ago. The contact was always special and intense, but only then did the penny drop. How did this work for you?

Answer 1
See my story 186. Just before I met him, I heard a voice inside that said, “Somebody is coming, you have to pay close attention to that!” But that was also the case with my child’s father, the only two times that happened. (Who knows)

Answer 2
The first time I met her, I immediately felt that there was something very special going on, such as: I only saw her eyes, the most beautiful and sweetest eyes I had ever seen, I knew in a flash what happened in a short time would happen to her and that came true. We were immediately crazy about each other without falling in love, I felt absolutely no erotic tension, our appearance was so beautiful that wherever we were people watched us. I was not at all interested in how beautiful she was, only her inner life I found important and immensely fascinating. After 29 years I have seen her again. I could not and would not keep my eyes off her, my eyes were sticking to her, which I have never experienced before. The feelings for her were exactly the same and that was mutual, too, I felt. Then we suddenly looked into each other’s eyes and that was very intense and the mutual joy was very great. I have no expectations what will happen between us, but I hope to see her again soon and I will really like that. I notice that the feelings have become more intense, while I have not seen or spoken to them for about thirty years. This is the most open and free relationship, because you do not claim each other, and everyone lives their own life. (Unknown) because you do not claim each other, and everyone lives their own life. (Unknown) because you do not claim each other, and everyone lives their own life. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Answer 2, that’s how I experience it too. The most open and free relationship, unconditional feeling of love. That is it. And that after so many years love is even more intense than in the beginning, Even if you haven’t seen each other all this time, I think that is only possible with twinflames. Because normally a person loses the feeling of love after two years at most. That is just a kind of chemical process. This is a different story. I’ve been crazy about my twin for 17 years and it just gets worse, We see each other irregularly and not often, but when that happens, it seems to get stronger and stronger. He already touches me sometimes, subtly but clearly. I feel that he is starting to understand more about what is between us and that makes me happy. The hardest thing is letting go of expectations and hope. You have to take everything as it comes and trust that that is the only right way. While the ego wants nothing more than to direct the matter, call the other and agree on something! (Unknown)

nswer 4
I think it is precisely your ego that wants you not to agree, because ego (fear) does not want that love because it cannot intervene if 2 twinflames really reunite. It is your heart that wants to meet, that wants to call. Your ego doesn’t say; “so sir you go and call that lady because that is good for you” your heart says; ‘I want to see / hear my love because I love her / him’ your heart knows it is good for you and not only for you but also for the world. you have received a will, also from god / universe, just as you have received / recognized twin from god / love / universe and it has not brought you together for nothing. I have therefore also not seen Twin for a long time (through my and his ego) after I changed jobs and then ego says; “don’t go there, because that is not good for you ‘that’s how I fared, you see. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Response to answer 3. I am answer 2. The calmer you feel before you encounter your twin, the easier it is for you to do everything. No feelings of fear, no intense emotions, you really feel one with that person, only you and your twin are in this world. You have wordless contact with each other. Just bizarre. If you feel calm you also accept that you have to get away from your twin again. You know and feel that you are connected to your twin forever. I have experienced that the calm feeling is regulated from above. And that is very special. If you accept everything as it goes and if you have full confidence in the universe, then you do not suffer from feelings of fear or other intense emotions. The feeling of mutual love makes you very strong. I met my twin for the first time when she was 17 years old. And you know him for 17 years. A funny coincidence. I was 30 years old when I met her. From the first moment I always knew that I would meet her again and that feeling was unwavering and therefore came true. An immovable feeling is invincible. Real love only makes you strong. (Unknown)

Answer 6
From the first meeting, after twitter, skype, msn, I knew that I received a big gift. A gift that I could not bring home. After 6 months a friend of hers said we were twinflames and after reading various sites we could not ignore it. At that time, I thought, I could better share it at home because it had a name and an explanation for that intense feeling. We had / have so much resemblance, not externally but internally that we knew that this was no ordinary love, since then, I (Frisian and scientist) have started to develop spiritually and sometimes I have been able to cleanse my soul through the hard confrontations. In short, I could not give it a name but that she was a gift that did not come to me by accident I knew from day 1. (Unknown)