Q0718. How do you know?


My twin and I have known each other for about 3 years and I recently read here and think, how do they all know that? that they know exactly what they have to do before they can reunite or whether or not they come together in this life, or what twin or he / she still needs to do? well I don’t know anything at the moment, kind of a black hole .. I am in a lot of caution, I sometimes read here, maybe your twin doesn’t know this at all, you shouldn’t share the knowledge you have with your twin ? or do you know or do you think he can’t handle that? won’t you stand a little above your twin? maybe not very clear story, but I think my twin knows more, is it something that concerns you too? what do you think … energetically everything is more beautiful but furthermore …; a big ? above my head.

Answer 1
No at soul level my twin already knows everything. He energetically warns me about every new phase. It is up to me to put that in the superconscious and to document it for later. At a conscious level he knows nothing, and that is not his job either. It is really a division of tasks with us. It took a while (2 years) before I realized that. However, he is becoming increasingly aware of spirituality, from mid-March to early 2013 he will make a leap in his consciousness, only then can I show him my “documentation” why we come together in this life. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Answer 1, I think I understand exactly what you mean. My twin consciously does not yet know exactly how things work between us, but unknowingly he knows everything. I notice that in his statements, his way of looking, his touches, and in my dreams about us. I am clear-feeling and clear-knowing (still developing) and I also get through things that I cannot reason but that I know are right. That way I was allowed to know that he and I will really come together in this life. But that will take a very long time. However, preparation is already well underway, people around us are being prepared for it. And many of them will no longer be there by then, it will be that long. I can only guess what he knows and feels, but I do know that he also has very strong feelings for me, and that he knows that I actually belong to him. That is very difficult because I am married. I see that my twinflame still needs a lot of distraction and is not at ease with himself. That is much too confrontational. But it will come slowly. I keep sending him all my love. (Unknown)