Q0716. Multiple twinflames?


Could it be that you have more than 1 twinflame? I met my twinflame half a year ago, there is no further discussion about that, but in the last few months I have come across more and more people with whom I have a special bond. We also radiate that to each other, and the great thing about it is that we also immediately know from each other that we have a certain bond, okay not as strong as my twinflame, but also as intense, mja can’t explain it, but you can feel it just, and don’t think it will stop, I spend a lot of time abroad for my work, just happens to strangers, I really feel a lot change, my appearance to the outside, seems like I’m crazy be ben. But that feeling is so strong, just have to cross a look, and boom, the nice thing is that it also comes back immediately from that person, and that it is also immediately clear, sometimes ask that person, so of, hey do you have that too? and it will always be confirmed!

Answer 1
No you only have 1 twinflame, and do not confuse the rest with twinflame, that is soul love that you radiate see question and answer no. 578. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Soulmates, twinflames, unified souls, karma … don’t fool yourself, the soul makes such complex jumps; your soul knows best, trust it. All soul loved ones need each other, help each other; find out what you can do for each other …. stay with yourself and feel. (Unknown)

Answer 3
If you deal with people from your heart, your soul, you will feel that they also respond to you with love. But do not have such contact with so many people, as between soulmates, because they are really closer to me, I usually recognize it immediately. you also come across them more often. (Unknown)