Q0715. Like your opinion


I would like to hear your opinion. Of course you will now say that I have to follow my own intuition, but it is not that simple for me. I am stuck in a very complicated situation and I am so stuck that I no longer know what to do, I have already consulted several fortune tellers who told me something different each time. It makes me so confused and my family and friends also have a divided opinion. I hope to find someone here who, through his intuition, can recommend what he thinks is best. The story goes like this: 4 years ago in 2007 I met a man I looked at at the first meeting and a clearly hearing voice told me to contact him or that I would regret it all my life, whereupon I almost spontaneously laughed at my inner voice. But a feeling of mine also felt a dire urge to make contact and even though I am not at all a human being to make contact first, I would never do it, then it felt like the most important choice of my life. I went to him, but he was a foreigner from another country and could still make me understandable to ask him to dance, the energy between us was super big. We danced and after a few seconds it was inevitable to kiss each other. This was the start of a grand story that I could never have imagined. We spent time together and fell more and more in love. One day a voice told me that he was my true love, and I started to laugh again, I already saw him dearly after that short time, but how could my true love be someone who had to go back to his country and all the problems involved? I then got angry and started to ignore that voice. After a while the love got bigger, but then we felt it, the moment of goodbye was approaching and he had to go back. I kept my distance not to be hurt, and then his friends started gossiping that I was unfaithful, but it wasn’t, and I couldn’t explain it because the language wasn’t enough. He then left, the first year I kept up well, but after that year I had a tear burst, I stood in the supermarket and suddenly started crying and I didn’t know why, I had been convinced for several months that I didn’t miss him , but then the realization came. I wanted to see him again, I had prayed so much for it. January 1, 2009 I saw him again, I could not believe my eyes. I felt my body shake and I got a withdrawal so I couldn’t say anything to him and he doubted it was me and we lost sight of each other again. Summer 2009 another meeting came (which I always felt 2 months in advance) and then I talked to him in my dream and got a vision. The next day I saw him but there were obstacles again, we were stopped on the train and could not meet each other. In the meantime it has been 2 years since I saw him, and 4 years since we met. I really feel that he is my twin and I wonder if I should keep going and find him (even though I don’t have a number, last name or address). Or do I have to wait or just give up? I’m desperate, please help me.

Answer 1
My intuition says, never give up, the feeling you had is super big so hold that and if it has to be, then it will be really good, but a time? With us there is always a season in which we hear more from each other and sometimes I also had the feeling that there was a certain pressure for a certain date, but there is nothing to plan that I now know, it will come as it is must come if you feel it is meant. Summer may be very important to you, who knows how it will work out? but search without address or something? it looks like a pin to me in a haystack .. strength (Unknown)