Q0713. Always be together


Always together, let go, I finally understand, I think … Who recognizes the following; the more physical distance there is between my twinflame and me, the closer we are to each other on a soul level. I feel him, see signs everywhere that refer to us, songs that do the same and people who say his name. Yesterday was such a day and it made me so happy and happy. He is far away at the moment, and finally I experience peace in my heart, sincere peace that it is good, and that we are ALWAYS together regardless of distance. I feel it and I know it now. Is this releasing that I read so often about here? I feel like I can do that now. Whatever he is doing there, and with whom, it does not affect me at all, I even wish him with all my heart, and I only feel fat love when I think of him.

Answer 1
Yes yes yes, I can be very affirmative about this. The more or the longer people are physically separated from each other, the better the cooperation at the soul level. All this is, I think, in preparation for future cooperation as individuals. For two and a half years I could not have been aware of my twin and suddenly from 11-11-2010 it was raining from the tug of war, symbolism, street names, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc. all from his side. The possible physical presence of twin here and now would only work as a jammer. I have discovered something that my twin and I can never be reunited before the bottom stone from the past is up. It must be a clean basis, the soul always goes for purity. But now there is a common thread through our lives. BLOOD My twinflame is, since he started doing vascular surgery as a specialization, I started to pull energetically harder on me and not for that. It is up to me to find out in great detail, with every step he shows energetically how happy he is with it, on a soul level he is also in a hurry for reunification! And while he is quietly specializing and perfecting (robot is our key word), he is also becoming more spiritual and aware (Neptune makes a long-term triangle aspect with his birth Uranus). In short, in peace that works, I think the best! (Who knows) And while he is quietly specializing and perfecting (robot is our key word), he is also becoming more spiritual and aware (Neptune makes a long-term triangle aspect with his birth Uranus). In short, in peace that works, I think the best! (Who knows) And while he is quietly specializing and perfecting (robot is our key word), he is also becoming more spiritual and aware (Neptune makes a long-term triangle aspect with his birth Uranus). In short, in peace that works, I think the best! (Who knows)

Answer 2
To WieWeet, I asked the question, and I am so happy that you confirm me in what I feel. Was it you who has written here that she has learned how the future between twinflame and you will go? Because I also have the strong feeling / intuition that I know, roughly, how things will go between my twinflame and me. Don’t ask me how, but I know, I got it through all kinds of signs and through my inner knowing. Today and yesterday I managed to communicate with him remotely. In my mind I asked him questions and immediately got the answers through all kinds of signs. So special. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Answer 2 yes that was me. And it goes on, once you are on the spiritual path, things will come to you one after the other, watch it. Our surnames combined gives: from royal family or royal from home. We once started our high-level cycle on Earth. And for me personally I am convinced that we will get a full recovery so that we will be elevated to the nobility. Then the cycle is complete again. (Who knows)

Answer 4
To wieweet, does not sound really good; blood? do you have a certain image yourself? I am really fishing in the dark how or what is meant for us and sometimes I have very strange ideas and then I think very soon it will not be so .. I do not know, disbelief about my own intuition or something like that, it has often abandoned me, it seems or maybe not. (Unknown)

Answer 5
To answer 2: I have read on several sites that twinflames start and end with the same theme. For us, the whole history started in Egypt, a mixture of magic and “scientific” medicine. Now that the cycle is almost finished (last life), I think we will work together again in the future, pass on a mixture of energy again (a kind of reiki?) And detection via aura reading on the one hand, my side, and scientific research and surgery on its part . We once started with medicine and agriculture and now with surgery and animal husbandry. I think twinflames have a theme, after that they go into the diaspora, occasionally they meet again and at the end together they share the same theme as they once started. Our names combined gives (etymologically): royal from home or from royal family. Perhaps also started at a high level, as royal children? (Who knows)

Answer 6
The soul wants purity I also totally agree with that, also notice that I have to approach people just a little bit differently, preferring and supporting in their process. Honestly and if they do not understand it is a shame but I have done my best, it is namely an irreversible process that I am in. If I wanted to walk very hard the other way because it would be easier than that, I would not succeed! because the power of this soul love catches up with me and wants me to take on my assignment (whatever that will be) in a completely honest manner, there is no escaping it! I am stuck to my soulmate, guided and guided by the higher hand, not only at the soul level but also physically, not to be seen but to feel all the more clearly. I find it a bit scary but also delicious. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 4: Blood is life, nothing scary. It runs through our lives as a common thread (an excuse for the expression). We started, as I experience it, with a mixture of magic and “scientific” medicine, our first life, and I think we end with that again. Now it is called co-creating. My soulmate has been a surgeon in the service of the Dutch East India Company and has done a lot of loss (robbery) and through all kinds of other lives and professions (think of Red Cross, blood donation, blue blood, bloodline, pelicans, etc.) all those lives behind each other and now my soulmate is vascular surgeon (care), so from blood harvest to blood care. That’s how I got on the track. (Who knows)

Answer 8
Very interesting WieWeet! What I know about my twin and me is not as much as you already know. I have had very clear dreams that gave me a glimpse into the past and from that I know that he was once a soldier, what time I do not know, but certainly 100 years or more ago. He also once shot 5 people and was prosecuted. I felt an enormous urge to be there for him and offer comfort. And that is still a very present feeling in this life, I cannot explain that. I feel that I want to comfort him, be there for him and protect him. Very strange. I also received images of the Middle Ages, processions, castle and many rooms. Woman in a veil and a carriage. In other dreams I see a warm country, similar to India, sometimes desert, and bazaar-like scenes. I write everything down and slowly it becomes clear what it means. In this life I often get flash backs to the past, and then suddenly a dream becomes clear again. As if past and present come together and lift a tip of the veil. I would like to know more about my role and past. Can only say that I feel “older” and more experienced than my twin and that I have the feeling that I can teach and show him something. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Answer 8 Well that is more than many people know. For me still remains the surprise: has the soul already stored everything and does it play itself slowly during its many lifetimes, or does it store everything during lifetimes; so a pre-programmed OR a programmable thing? I myself think of the first option. (Who knows)

Answer 10
Yes, I am also very happy that I am ready. I think a lot, I think is wonderful. Just musing while working in the garden and at home. At the moment I am not working outside the home and notice that I now have the space to work on this process. I’m very busy with it … haha. (Unknown)