Q0712. Separated from each other


Do twinflames always come together again after the meeting? Is there a “rule” for that? I met him but we are now divorced by my change of job. I do not know if he also knows exactly that we are each other’s twinflames … but I have added everything together and his looks say enough. Is it true that you only come together again when you have solved all problems etc? Or is it possible that we no longer come together? Love

Answer 1
I am convinced that twinflames always come together again. But that is a broad concept, that “Ever”. Both must be ready for it, and face it (soul love), be ready with their own process, and yes, there can be an amalgamation. In my opinion, that can happen both in the current life and in the next. Personally, I have received signs that coming together between my twinflame and me is in 30 years. Then I am 65 …. I don’t know how to get through that time with God. I probably finished my trial much earlier than he did. But you can’t force anything. Hope that those 30 years will turn out to be less long. (Unknown)

Answer 2
A ‘rule’? there are no rules that are fixed, there are twins that grow together and you might just have to do that. Yes if it is intended or if you want to, because what you want is happening, you create your own reality (book by Esther and Jerry Hicks) then you come together again, you can choose that yourself. There are rules for people who still need them. Well-developed souls know what can and cannot be done. Love (Unknown)

Answer 3
Try not to focus so much on the word twinflame itself. On what it means and what the rules are. Just follow your heart and go with your feeling and intuition. I was in your situation a long time ago and it all went well. But go for it, don’t sit down and wait for fate. It depends on you. How fast it will go also depends on you. It is also best not to confront this person immediately with this word, but to let everything go naturally. People can react quite shocked and some find themselves floating and want to flee. good luck and follow your heart with a lot of courage! (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, it may indeed be that you will not get together at all in this life. It all depends on what the assignment is for this life. It is different with every life. One life a shorter time together, sometimes a moment and sometimes longer and sometimes a very long time. There is no rule for whether or not all problems have to be solved, twinflames come together in my opinion for the growth of their souls, and only rarely to complete their souls (last life) Before my twin and I come together again (we know that), everything has to be in public, that is now my job. It is different for everyone again. (Who knows)