Q0709. Now I can no longer be alone


I met my twinflame 1.5 years ago. So many bizarre things have happened to both of us. He “plays” the game of attracting and repelling excellently. In the meantime I grow enormously, I have become much stronger among other things. So in that regard I understand the twinflame process. But the strange thing is that I used to be fine on my own. I always felt nice and calm when I was alone. And I don’t have that anymore. Feel restless and incomplete. Not complete anymore. And that cannot be the intention? It seems to be a step back instead of forward .. Who recognizes this? And what can I do with this?

Answer 1
No, it is a step forward, those chakra “cords” that connect with each other. I do not believe that twinflames go back in their development. It is part of the unification process. That is why letting go is so important. NB: initially. (Who knows)

Answer 2
I can be fine alone, always had it, now I notice after a whole learning process with twin that I am restless because that tension spring is there and because you feel together I want to / must continue, directed by upstairs. But now I sometimes cry to ‘heaven’; ‘I can’t do it alone’ … so I understand your turmoil completely, but it does not feel like a step backwards for me, but the continuation of being able to be alone, feeling myself complete and then you are ready for it together. What you can do not a faint idea, I sometimes feel powerless because yes you can’t push / send the other person, they have to feel it themselves … success (Unknown)

Answer 3
This is because you are now one with someone. That is really a nice feeling. What they mean by letting go is that you do not need the direct presence of this person to feel him and to be complete. Try to feel that he is always with you, no matter what. Because he is too. But above all follow your heart and your feelings. Don’t let this love go. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Hi, I asked the question. Thank you for the clear answers. Nice to hear. I can continue with this. It gives me confidence again, thanks! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Hi, here the questioner still briefly .. to answer 3; feeling that he is always with me, that works very well and it makes me calm and calm idd on the spot and then I feel idd complete and one. But…. my twinflame has asked me to leave him energetically alone .. what now ..? I absolutely want to respect that, and therefore no longer send him strength and love. But if I start to feel that he is with me, am I not thinking about his energy? What do others think of this? (Unknown)

Answer 6
That tension spring is pretty busy and I am really fed up with it, then I think when it is enough, I am tested enough .. because that is how it feels, it is as if you are riveted to each other and because you are not allowed to be together, can be it is kl… nothing good feeling now and then it hurts and I am sad and only want one thing and we all want that here if you dare to listen honestly to your heart .. dear greeting. (Unknown)