Q0696. Obstacles


Hi everyone. My twinflame and I want to choose each other after a very long wait. We both have families, but have decided that we do not want to continue without each other. He told his partner, but he doesn’t want to let him go. He says that despite telling me that he wants to be with me, to forgive and not to let him go. The situation does not get any easier because his partner uses their child against him in this. My twinflame falls into this very often because he is a very sweet person. He is very afraid of this step because his partner tells very absurd stories, far too much drama. That he should put his feeling away and be what he should be or else … I really want to help my twinflame, because the partner sucks all life out of him. It really is such a person that you see in movies, Lots of lying and manipulating to get what they want. Even though he has been very honest with her. Does anyone know how this step goes with twinflames and what we can do best? I took a step back from my twinflame because I don’t care how he kicks everywhere. He says she demands this and that, and somehow she tells him it should be. “A normal man shouldn’t think that way. Put those crazy things out of your head and act normally. I don’t want to hear that you want to leave, that you love someone else, act normally and be the way you should be. ” And all in a demanding tone. Threatening with everything, describing very tough scenarios … I feel that it is a big part of the process that we have to endure. But what is it? Does anyone know how you can overcome this kind of nasty energy together? This is what we both want. It struck him that he is in this situation.

Answer 1
There is always someone who keeps twinflames apart. If it is not your father or angry mother-in-law (in other times) then it is the partner and that is a big part of his life of course. And therefore also the heaviest obstacle of all. Very few partners are generous in this twin issue. And so he will have to become strong of himself. You cannot help him with that, you can only send love. You say he kicks in every time. That is a sign that he is not yet as conscious as you. Anxiety is also a lack of consciousness. So first he must become more aware and gain insight himself. You have no use for a twinflame who is less aware than you. I think it’s wise to keep you at a distance, and let them dismantle the relationship themselves. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Dear Angela, he will have to get out of this situation himself, no one will be able to do this .. his partner says ‘he must’, I would say if I were your twin ‘I have nothing at all!’ normal behavior is that you put this on you, that makes you sad, that is difficult but the only thing that helps is to go your own way here, your twin will have to be strong in this, it is the only possibility to show his partner that he is not crazy, that he knows very well what he wants. Unfortunately you cannot solve this for him. yes I recognize that such a sweet twin. and you actually give an answer as to how you can help him and that is TOGETHER. hopefully you will see your twin once in a while and you can let him feel how much love you have for him, then you can support him and he can gain his strength from you. I wish I could, what does it matter, show the world that you belong together, show what you radiate together, no one can ignore that, not even his partner. Love (unknown)

Answer 3
Very simple answer perhaps; continue together! this is blackmail and why should twins deal with it differently / rather. his partner does not think his feelings are important, apparently, why they still have to take that into account, and children see what truth is, they prick through it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
With this Love you can handle everything! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Dear Angela, it is great that you have chosen each other, but it is often impossible for twinflames to really be together in a relationship because of the confrontations. You must both be healed first. Also, twins will never leave their partner just to be with the other. Perhaps that is the stumbling block and a kind of healing must still take place with your twin. He will first have to stand on his own two feet, find his own self, his own truth and his own light … only when both souls are ready will an earthly relationship have a chance of success. This way he reads quite well in a dependency relationship with his current partner and I recognize it from myself, I have had it for years, but when I finally found myself, nobody had anything to say about me, except myself. I was so far away that I could have been happy even in a hut on the heath (well, a bit lonely but by way of ..) and my partner noticed that too, it was quite a shock for him because he didn’t know me that way, but it our mutual relationship changed and I can say that it is currently quite equivalent, hard work was! The hard part is always that you can be blackmailed when children are involved, that is a “loaded” item but I think if your twin first finds himself, what he really wants (and I don’t mean being with you because that is clear :)) then he can also be clearer towards his wife. Can he show why he no longer feels good in that relationship and that would be a much more acceptable reason for his wife than the story you choose for each other. I just told you how it went for me and I would not choose my twin now because I am in a loving relationship. And although these 2 loves cannot be compared in any way, it is 1 no less! valuable than the other, it is my earthly desire that sometimes makes it difficult for me. I know and trust that if it is intended that I come together in a relationship with my twin in this life, that will happen at a time when we are both ready for it, and not before. It is nice that you can talk about it together, so you are together a bit and together you are both in your power…. if you know and trust you can wait. Wish you lots of strength and love. (Victoria)

Answer 6
Dear writer, it is a similar situation in which I have been. I can advise you to let it go and leave the choice with your twin. Do not influence him in his choice. Support him without condemning the situation. Engage in the love between you. It’s hard enough for him, move in him, it’s not an easy situation. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Thanks to answer 6 (unknown)

Answer 8
Thank you for your answers. I think I also let my ego talk from time to time. It is very difficult to stay strong in this situation. I think he should heal himself, without me for a moment. I am going to follow your advice. Thank you (Angela)

Answer 9
I agree with answer 6, I want to add to this ..; Because she takes a demanding attitude towards him, the more she pushes him in your direction, so in your favor. Stay loving, support him and remain a listening ear and not an advisory role (ego). In short, make sure that you stay in balance with yourself, so that you also draw your line when it gets too much for you. (Unknown)