Q0691. People condemn so quickly and so badly


That is the reason that you can hardly tell anyone about soul love in your life. And also the reason that I am very happy that it is possible here. Do you also experience so much condemnation and incomprehension in daily life? I myself do, and then about less violent matters than love of the soul, because I really don’t talk about that with anyone. I think you can only understand if you experience it yourself. And that also hurts me so much; to know that my twinflame has the same confusing intense feelings for me but cannot talk to anyone about it. I am almost certain that he also finds nothing on the internet to vent his feelings and that he does not yet know the term twinflames. Will it come naturally to him when the time is right and will he come to sites like this? That is how it went for me.

Answer 1
I think that if you have nothing to lose, the feeling must go into your heart. Other people still have an opinion about everything and do you have to let go of this opportunity that can make you very happy perhaps? It is difficult but also very beautiful and it never bores. In any case, try to stay in each other’s lives as friends or whatever. Even that can be enough … (Unknown)

Answer 2
How were you before you met your twinflame? How would you react if you didn’t have a twinflame? We have all been judgmental, before we experienced our soul love? The one a little more and the other a little maybe, but still … Try to place yourself in the ignorance and unfamiliarity with the material of an unconscious other. I am the only one that has happened to 9 brothers and sisters, one thinks it is all great and the other makes me crazy. There are also mutual discussions that started on birthdays and so on. A kind of pro and contra, I can’t help it. (Who knows)