Q0682. Who knows this feeling too?


Who often has this feeling? That your solar plexus is pulled. Sometimes it makes me sick. As if you have a tight band around your belly near your navel. It has been a few weeks now and it seems that it is taking longer and getting more intense. Does anyone know what this could be?

Answer 1
And you know for sure that it has nothing to do with your pancreas or adrenal cortex? Because that is also close to the solar plexus. It is a complex network of nerves. I have never been bothered twice by communicating with my twinflame twice on the same day via the solar plexus / solar plexus: he traced me (I cycled in his direction without telling anyone where I was going) and twice asked where or I stayed, that was through the solar plexus or at least exactly where that chakra was. Furthermore, only soul communication through the heart chakra. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I recognize that, certainly after Reply 1, I have a very pulling sensation in the neighborhood of my pancreas, inexplicably, for a year now, but sometimes it is worse. at the moment I am experiencing very strong weather, just below / against my left rib it has not really linked to my solar plexus / twinflame. What I do know is that your pancreas stands for Giving and receiving Love (processing of sugar / sweet / love), which of the 2 would be the hardest? haha or would it have to do with the rib of adam / eva .. yes you can think of anything, what I do feel is that my twin can have a healing effect on this, naturopathic drops help me nl.n not (Unknown)

Answer 3
I was from answer 1 (hey I forget to put my nickname under it every time). I was also able to communicate with him twice through my third eye, twice a message, once it was live: was he somewhere else a few kilometers away from me and I saw that he received his bull. I saw it clearly with that chakra between my eyes, so the forehead or third eye chakra. (Who knows)

Answer 4
To answer 2 (I asked the question): interesting link with that pancreas and love. I don’t quite understand the rest of your answer. What is your feeling behind the adam / eva comment? And why do you think twin can heal this? Incidentally, the feeling is not limited to the pancreas. I don’t only have the pulling feeling with the solar plexus. Sometimes it goes all the way to just above my heart and sometimes I also feel it under my navel. Just below the skin. (Unknown)

Answer 5
To answer 4 my feeling of pressure against the left rib..the rib of adam..from which eva was made, something like that .. actually didn’t know it either, but should think about that sometimes. yes that feeling goes on to my heart chakra and shoulders, throat, as if I was literally being pulled. Why do I feel that twin can work healing on that? because I experience when we have seen each other that a healing energy passes through me, that you heal each other again. through that enormous love, it heals people and especially each other. (Unknown)

Answer 6
If you suffer from tightening, pain at the height of your solar plexus, that could also indicate holding on, not being able to let go of old beliefs, you no longer want to bear these old burdens and you unconsciously want to have your Feelings and Life forces on a spontaneous, unburdened, totally free way to flow, a piece of christian beerlandt (the key to self-liberation) (Unknown)