Q0679. What does his body language tell me?


I recently met with my twin a few times and when we were talking, he touched my upper arm a few times, very briefly. Another time he wanted to pass me and put his hand on my lower back and walked past. Now I know that that DOES NOT mean anything, but I thought I felt that intention. Do you just touch others in these ways? I only do that if someone is very familiar with me or if I have an eye on someone.

Answer 1
Well, it’s funny you say that…. I always see twin touching everyone but he has never touched me with one finger in all those years, usually goes with a big bow around me, I am very curious what that means. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Perhaps he wanted to reassure you that you belong together in a gentle casual manner. I am often touched because I try to deal with everyone in a pure and relaxed way, I am short in stature (1.54 m) and that may make it easier, too bad a barrier. Really everyone, (dental) doctor, porter, secretary, conductor. Well I come from the big city, but I notice that people touch each other more and more often, the new age perhaps? (Who knows)

Answer 3
I was the questioner. Yes, maybe he does it unknowingly to tell me that we belong together. In any case, I don’t mind… I also see that he sometimes flirts with me by looking just too long and then caught looking away when I see it, and he often compliments me. When I call him we always have animated conversations. It feels so good with him. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I have quite a lot of spiritual people around me and I have to say those contacts are sweet, soft and embracing, so they touch me, new time maybe yes .. twin also once in a while, I think also expressly at the walking by and at that moment I felt our bond, wanted to follow em and never leave, sweet though .. his body language is your body language, I felt that and that was wonderful. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, I immediately noticed those physical touches. Was at the start of our meeting. We had known each other for less than 2 hours in total. And I was standing next to him once one evening and he gave a sweet kiss to my upper arm and he also took my hand and kissed it. I was shocked then haha. I’m kind of reluctant in that, so yes haha. Wasn’t used to it that someone would do that to me. But when I look back on it now it is special. So familiar or so and then he immediately showed that he felt familiar with me even though we barely knew each other back then (Unknown)