Q0678. Illusion?


Is it possible that you get such an aversion from your twin that you no longer feel any love for him, or was it not really your twin? Everything was in tune with what I had read about it, for years, in detail, my love flowed unceasingly, no matter how rotten he did … but it has stopped for a while now, I feel nothing at all except disgust and horror (and there I’m a bit sad about it), and no this is different than the usual shedding. Would it have been an illusion? because I don’t think this matches the real twin stories.

Answer 1
I have this too. But you have this feeling because his ego is doing something and you feel that he is not following his heart at that moment. If you love him and he is your twin, you see him as you see yourself. He probably has a hard time and that’s why he does it. Accept him as a person. Look at him the way you would look at yourself. This love is unconditional. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I certainly think that is possible, if the ego does its work long enough, the candle will automatically go out completely. I also have such a twin with an embankment of an ego. I have never had a sweet word or gesture in the earthly life, yes at first in the beginning but that soon ended. After that, he started running really fast as soon as I got in sight, he did not even shy away from involving our children. They were not allowed to play with each other at a given moment, how big can your ego be ??! He later played nasty psychological games with me and when I spoke to him about that he hit on tilt. Even then I managed to understand him and feel Love, but in the end, if it lasts long enough, it will stop, that is very human and a very natural response. After all, we are all here on earth as human beings, with human feelings. Strength with the processing that it was 1 big illusion! , luckily your own Light on the inside always stays on, I sympathize with you .. love (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, I think it is possible that one twin rejects the other, for reasons that go beyond logic. You write that you’ve had it for a while, how long is that? (Who knows)

Answer 4
It is flowing again happily, wonderfully, I could not imagine it, although I still understand the balls…. it’s time to get away for a few days, they say that’s good for you, hmmm we’ll see… (Unknown)

Answer 5
Have you checked all the stories you’ve read in your own feeling, your intuition. A lot is being written so I think it is very important not just to accept something and to be careful to compare your story with … People always work like mirrors for each other. I would like to bring the story you write back to yourself. What is in you that you feel these feelings of disgust? What is being touched in you that you react that way. I don’t know if this person is your twinflame, that answer can only be felt in your own heart. You represent what your twinflame is too! So if you look in the mirror of this twinflame, it can be very confronting and you will come across how you feel about yourself. Whether or not this person is your twinflame, he will bring you something. Do you dare to look in the mirror and be honest? What is it that you see: him or unhealed pieces in yourself? (Unknown)

Answer 6
A real aversion; no I never had that. However, intense anger at him after a certain incident. But love always remained. It is much less at times but it always comes back. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yes everyone here works as mirrors, how often I have thought that is from my twin, do not even know if he is writing here, I get the positive out because as I think about my twin, he thinks about me and my feelings for twin is infinitely loving, I find it hard to keep going, but how I do it is not a bad idea, it is just there. At the moments that I say or do things in my ego, that makes me sad and so probably twin too .. so away with that sadness and all the sad thoughts / actions, I go after my happiness then twin does that too, sweetheart. strength and love. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Answer 5, I do not know what twinflame brings me at this moment, what mirror he holds up to me, he shows me exactly how I am not and how I do not want to become and be ……. I dare to look in the mirror, my own mirror and then I see someone I’m proud of (yes, I love myself!) … and what does he touch in me that makes me feel those feelings? is perhaps comparable to what someone touches you if you get a punch in your face or a punch in your stomach, explain that to someone who does not get those blows literally and then it is very easy to say that you not allowed to feel, and when it comes to soul feeling you can also very easily say that you have to let go (such a beautiful word) and I can do that to a certain extent, but still … how do you do that if someone is permanently in your system is …….

Answer 9A
If you want to grow and your twinflame is not ready for that or denies the whole event, and if that will take too long then your higher Being says, we will go further and illuminate our parts that he can no longer touch because twinflame or not he does not have to continue to lay his nasty traits on you so at some point consciously or unconsciously your higher Being and your guides will help you to protect yourself against the negative, you will grow and become stronger, both he and other negative connections others may die. Often those negative karmic connections are still so strong, but there are healers who can actually remove those incriminating lines, and most of the time you are not ready to break through one line because there have also been several lives with each other who have not always had a rose odor. .