Q0677. How do I get him out of my head?


I am gradually losing my twinflame, which is in my head 24/7 all day long. I just want to stop thinking about him because it costs me too much energy and he only hurts me. He acts aloof when he sees me, we are both just not ready to come together. I love him, and I am in love, but I want to put him out of my head. Does anyone have advice on how I can do this?

Answer 1
Unfortunately this is not possible, never not. It is best to embrace and accept that feeling. That way you will also be more prepared for each other. This is the best feeling ever, but first you have to work hard for it and you pay with lots and lots of tears and sorrow. One day all the grief disappears and what is left is the unconditional love that makes you 1. Good luck. (Unknown)

Answer 2
You do not get him out of your head, the recognition that you do not know your twinflame by heart, you should start with that. Bidding resistance makes no sense. What makes sense is finding out what your process is. And then try to see what his process is. That science of your both independent process can provide tremendous relief. What does he choose at this stage in his life? And why? The better you know his trajectory, the easier it becomes. Keep seeing things in a larger context. Everything that he is doing right now serves to improve and unify your soul. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Hmm, yes I have to work with that. I am the questioner and I already realized that ignoring the feeling makes no sense. It rumbles through everything. What his path is exactly I don’t know yet. It is a consolation to think that everything he does is ultimately good for US. The last few days I feel so crying, I have to cry a lot when I think about him. So sad. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Totally agree with answer 1, a lot of sadness but once that stops, then you are through. then a radiant smile appears, I am convinced of that, I can feel that for me already … it is quite a process, you can safely say a whole job of preparation .. accept and embrace these feelings, they will never pass, not really! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Putting out of your mind will help a part if you try to deal with your thought pattern differently. At least, I have succeeded in focusing myself on goals that are important to me. The other part will always be present. The question to you, do you want to stay focused on it or do you want to focus on your goals? (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yes, find this love in yourself, because part of it is in you. You don’t have to put it out of your mind. Love him, but let him follow his own path, it will lead you back. This feeling doesn’t have to be bad. This means that he is with you 24/7. So you don’t have to miss him that much. You can feel it any time you want. Give it time. Release it and keep him at a distance. As soon as you do this, he will grow himself. Read a lot of answers here, you will really see that this is not bad. (Angela)

Answer 7
Thank you very much. You are right. I can now experience for myself (a time has elapsed between asking my question and the present day) that he is always there but that I don’t have to focus on him 24 hours a day. I can now also be busy with other things. My love for my twin is growing. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Forgetting your twinflame completely is indeed impossible, if only because you can never learn from him if you forget him. But what you can do is shift the focus. Your focus is now entirely on him, but it really has to be shifted to yourself. In addition, it can help to see him, as was the case with me. I too suddenly realized that he may not need contact and that he has nothing to do with the phenomenon of soul love. But that’s okay! Because suddenly I understand that this whole story is about my development and that he has come my way as the mirror that I needed to finally see myself. To accept everything about myself. If you realize how much strength and independence that gives, you will find that you can love him unconditionally, without controlling your thoughts. Because you have learned what it means to truly love yourself, partly by staying close to yourself and standing with both feet on the ground. You will realize that you can do that and that you need nothing or nobody to evoke that love within yourself. In addition, you will only be able to enter into a healthy relationship with someone if you know yourself through and through. Good luck! (Unknown) In addition, you will only be able to enter into a healthy relationship with someone if you know yourself through and through. Good luck! (Unknown) In addition, you will only be able to enter into a healthy relationship with someone if you know yourself through and through. Good luck! (Unknown)