Q0674. Taken by surprise?


When I have looked at this site and read stories, I always feel good and have faith in me and my Twin. A few days later I get all signs on my path and then I unexpectedly come across my Twin, today again in the car. I feel good about that and I am confident and in my center. But at that moment, I was blown out of the field and then it seems as if he is not waiting for me at all, and that this is not true, etc. I am so sad again, just crying and I was angry with myself , because I think and do it myself. This has already happened twice this week. Maybe the universe wants me to do this myself now, without looking at this site? What can I do about it? Love.

Answer 1
Hi dear Elselina, why do you become so insecure about seeing the other person, it always makes me very happy (I have something for a moment) .. is a certainty in myself. Is it an inferior feeling? he doesn’t like me, doesn’t he love me? I’m not worth it? do you have so little self love? Do you need confirmation, even though you already know how much the other person loves you, that he or she is waiting for you I know that Twin likes to see me, that he is looking for a way, I know that deep down, although I know him don’t see or hear and that makes me uncertain. Also with your twin there is something that does not make you happy, even though it seems that there is only one who thinks you are just as dear to you as you need him, believe in that .. why don’t you ask him . Love (Unknown)

Answer 2
Recognizable though Elselina. Why exactly do you feel so sad after such a meeting? Because he ignores you or acts aloof? My twin also has a helping hand (doing it remotely) and that hurts me, but I also know and feel that he does it for self-protection. He knows as well as I do that there cannot be any of us together now. I don’t know who frustrates it anymore, him or me. I am half who are married and have a family. He has neither child nor crow and although such a single life is quite fun, he also misses what I do have, he says. And well, sometimes I miss my freedom. So you hold a mirror up to each other. I wish you the strength to get through this again. With every pain and every sorrow you grow a little bit again. Love yourself, then the other will do the same. (Unknown)

Answer 3
My advice; stay in your center, stay strong. If you had preferred it not to have passed, it might have given you a better feeling. Maybe give him a reason to quit then? then you no longer have to be angry or sad at yourSelf. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 3: I don’t think giving good reason to quit is good, my twin is really deadly if I get too close, no Elselina, my advice, it’s best to stay very far away from your twin if he shows such behavior, then it will also bother you less, I speak from my experience … (Unknown)

Answer 5
As long as you are sad, he feels joy because you long for him and therefore you are also astral with him. Trust me, if you have felt that it is real. Find happiness in yourself. In your own eyes you will see him sitting in the mirror. Find peace and happiness in yourself without him. And then he will experience that desire and not you. (Unknown)

Answer 6
What I feel is that I am blown away when I sometimes read something here on this site, it makes me sad. I have a very sweet ‘energetic internet distance sweater’ (scrabble tip;)). But among all these sweet looking, attracting and repelling fellow soulmates I read so much fear, doubt and sadness. That makes me uncertain, just for a moment, but still. This love deserves so much more! From a distance … lots of love. (Unknown)


Answer 7
Dear Elselina, because our self-esteem is not yet fully grown, our Ego knows how to play a fun game with us at such moments. I definitely recognize your feeling of: oh, what does he want with me, he’s probably not waiting for me…. etc. And that feeling, the Ego, ensures that you go from the light to the dark. That you think negatively and therefore you feel unhappy and sad. Oh yes, I understand exactly what the intention is, where it comes from, what we have to learn and where we are going, but it is so difficult to find the button in such a mood and to convert it to light and positivity , especially about yourself !! If only you knew how many affirmations I already sent in the Universe … And yet, that is all you can help. It is the Power that is within you and that you can address at any time of the day. This Force makes that survival without twin eventually makes ‘happy life without twin’ possible. That in your mind you can say to your twin: “boy, if you knew what you were missing by not knowing me…”And whether you do this with or without this site, that is your feeling that leads you there. I read and post much less here because I no longer need it. As long as you still feel that need, you just have to respond to it. There will come a time when you will need it less and less. At this moment I wanted to support you, hence my reaction dear. X (Lilly)

Answer 8
In response to answer 5; There you have a point. That is how it actually works. I had arrived at a point with my soul love that I was a bit done with it, it only made me sad to be busy with him and I wanted to get away as he took. I consciously started working on myself so that I got more confidence and he seemed to notice that, because when I started to let go, I felt him pulling harder. It now feels like I’m in control and not him. (Unknown)

Answer 9
It’s not about control at all .. it’s about you both wanting to be happy, I think, working on that and then you can continue together, without control twin and I have no control over each other but stimulate each other for the best and loving to bring each other to the surface .. both get strong that’s what it’s all about. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Thank you Lilly, a true word, he misses a lot !, and I think he knows it too … yes if you think / feel that way then you’re happy and twin comes in more and more often. nevertheless I keep reading because that sometimes gives me a moment of clarity. thank you for your kind words. (Unknown)

Answer 11
To answer 5 and answer 8, seems a bit strange to me, that he feels joy when you are sad … … the reverse world? I am happy when my twin is happy and happy and it makes me sad when I hurt him or when he feels pain…. on astral level I feel the same as twin and not the opposite … (Unknown)

Answer 12
Answer 11: I am from Answer 5. I am talking about attracting and repelling. 1 pulls the other’s jerk off, so it goes back and forth until there is no more room left and you become ONE. If you rest from the obsession (pulling) then you push away, and the other starts pulling and you experience a FULL feeling (because he is with you). If that happens, he will feel emptiness and he wants to pull harder on you. The more you do this, the more he has the power (just like a drug addict) to do anything to be with you. This is more help and not hurt. Because as soon as the first one is in pain, you both feel that. (Unknown)