Q0664. How do you know if your other half feels the same to you?


How do you know if your other half feels the same to you? How can you find out if your other half also feels love for you? Can I get that from the characters I encounter, or from dreams or both? How does this work?

Answer 1
With me I can notice that from energetic contact: a relentless flow of love. And a boundless commitment to everything I do. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
I can agree with what the person from answer 1 says. I too notice it through an almost inexplicable sense of belonging, tingling on my head or left leg. Songs on the radio that are directly related to ‘us’. He also appears more often in my dreams and then we talk to each other. Most of the time it is about light things, but sometimes the conversations get more depth. This is new to me, because previously I had dreams in which I did see him, but there was no contact whatsoever. In fact, he seemed to shun me. So I am very happy with this positive development! I also wish you a lot of strength and wisdom. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes I now also get dreams more often in which we converse (superficial things, I asked if he knew those and those because they come from the same place), or go on vacation and I then lose him haha.For the first time after 3 years two dreams with him one after the other. No fat pot (Wieweet)

Answer 4
I also don’t know if my twinflame knows about us … now I actually don’t know yet but I recently dreamed about him twice … I don’t know if this is wishful thinking or if we really have contact … it is confusing … I also suddenly get wonderful tingling that goes from my crown to my shoulders and heart region … really a wonderful feeling … then I think of him spontaneously. (Tiny)