Q0663. Patience and waiting for things to work out?


scary but what’s scary? go along or keep fighting against the wishes of the soul / your higher self .. what do you think?

Answer 1
I think the patience is that you are waiting for the right moment to implement your decision. I think many have already made the decision in their hearts. If I speak for myself, it takes a year to make the decision, now I certainly need another year to implement it. That is in my case because I have a partner who will not let me go. and can still see me as his possession. So it will be a process of becoming a bit more loose, step by step. So I’ll have to be patient in that. The universe has certainly pushed me in one direction and I also feel that the universe is still helping me implement it. The process of making the decision was very tough, now it comes to patience, which is also tough. I feel that I have to finish it well, but preferably I was free today and not tomorrow .. So … patience .. In the meantime I can continue to develop myself and work on myself! n and remain in my power, which often takes a lot of effort. My twinflame cannot and will not assist me in this process, so I will have to do it alone. Whether I will meet with him afterwards in any relationship whatsoever is not clear to me at all. But that is no longer the most important thing either. The most important thing is that I made the decision and realized that this relationship is not good for me. My partner knows everything, he knows that I am unhappy with him and that I do not love him, but he still wants to hold me and not just let me go. He says that that is love. What I feel is that the universe has been showing me that I am on the right track for more than a year. And the universe wants to help me get to where I need to be, I’m convinced of that. Only you will still have to do the implementation and the main lines yourself, but if you feel that you are being helped in this, it gives strength and confidence. (V.)

Answer 2
I do both one and the other. Waiting and growing in the meantime. I would not know how to do it differently. It is not whether … or, but and … and. (Unknown)

Antwoord 3
Destiny is the bridge you built to the one you love.(Onbekend)

Answer 4
I don’t think there is a fixed rule. The answer depends on you as a person. Maybe you can meditate and then ask your higher self and your angels / guides? If I ask my higher self and the angels (if you have a twinflame and reincarnation exists, why should there not be angels?) A specific question, I get an answer that feels good. They say that I have to focus on my ‘life task’ and that it is then all arranged for me (bizarre and I believe it too, I have no other choice because everything I think up or force myself does not work). And the universe seems to have already arranged something: soon (May 20) there will be a reunion of the employer where we met. I don’t know if he’s invited. I decided not to do anything and wait: when it comes, it must be like that. If he doesn’t come, then … well. It is a bit of a dilemma. I wish you a lot of wisdom and love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, it is really guided by the universe or whatever you call it. I know from my own experience. Things always come exactly at the right time. Sometimes I intervene because I take an action to see him for a moment, then I call him (happened a few times) and make up something to see each other. But even without my own involvement it is arranged that we see each other occasionally and those are cherished moments. A lot of patience is needed if the other half do not yet fully see where you are together, but I also think this is being worked on from above. Trust it and don’t be fooled by your ego that says something like that is not possible at all. (Unknown)