Q0661. The less attractive traits of your twinflame?


Last week, in a conversation with my twin, I was confronted with some less attractive traits of him. It comes down to showing jealousy towards my partner. Another annoying characteristic is that he believes that something must be opposed to everything, so if he gives / does something, the other person must also give something back. He seems to weigh everything on a scale, it seems. To say the least, I was quite shocked to notice this, although I know very well that my twinflame is also just an ordinary person with his own shortcomings, just like everyone else. But how do you deal with this? I keep feeling love and falling in love with him, but I wonder if this also has to do with how far someone is in his transformation process. I don’t know that jealousy at all anymore. At the beginning, a long time ago I was bothered when he was with other women, but that has long since disappeared. I wish him love with other women with all my heart, and i! I know that nothing can break the bond between us. But he is very familiar. On the other hand, it may be a compliment to me that he dares to be himself with me and shows his true face. Let your thoughts go over this?

Answer 1
I find it difficult to give a vision on this because I do not know what your less pleasant complementary side is with regard to your twin. That will undoubtedly be there too. You will be confronted with yourself because your twin reflects you, right? You can put your less pleasant traits 1 on 1 with those of your twin, that puts things together and it cancels each other out. Your earthly partner who should be much more nervous, I think. Parner twins could be nervous if the twin quietly Since there is no overt confrontation, it is not possible to pay with the same currency. If it is quiet in the background, then the partner will notice that something is brewing and yeasting, but cannot get a finger on it. I would openly discuss it with your partner because he is more rational,

nswer 2
Yes who shows his true face? your twin I think and yes where does your priority lie in the long run, with whom you want to be deep in your heart? that’s what it’s about .. and is that jealousy? do not know what your twin has done but do know that sometimes I do not understand anything of all those thought lines of ours .. This Love has not entered our lives for nothing and what do we do? we put it away .. it may not be there, yes in your heart, but in real life …? and how can you still live as partners with everything, while feeling your twin all day / night around you? or is that a line of thought of mine..you through it? how do you do that ? my experience that if you grow together that you can no longer .. but yes who am I ..? an illusion? what is your true face? (Unknown)

Answer 3
Of course you are jealous if you love someone else. If you are not, it says a lot about the feeling. He wants you to choose, and for him. That behavior comes as a result. Once you have chosen him, this attitude will disappear from him. It is not fair to your twinflame to be with someone else and expect them to agree and grant you. We are people, twinflames or not. You probably have a partner and he doesn’t? Or he has already mentally released his partner. See his behavior as passion, he only wants certainty and your love. He wants to be the only one for you. If you can’t give him that, you hurt him a lot. Hopefully this will help you. I speak from a lot of experience with this. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, he is single and I have a partner indeed. I cannot choose him at the moment and I know that it hurts a lot, so it does. But it is apparently the way we have to go. You cannot always go for someone immediately, there are more interests involved than just self-interest. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Response to answer 3: The unbreakable bond between twins removes jealousy. Nothing but nothing comes between twinflames. The questioner herself says that she will always “choose” for him. Respect for your experience. (Unknown)