Q0658. I don’t hear from her anymore?


I have not seen my soul lover for 3 months now, (until yesterday I was looking for the right word – to name us – … Now it is so clear to me !!! Thanks for that dear people …. My question; She responds nowhere on .. not even on a card with (sweet) letter sent for her birthday !! What should I do ?? Have this morning texting, t “that I could name it … again no response ?? Can anyone help me Bvd

1k you understand .. What to you that you get no response, I would say keep trying .. it is intense what you experience, I am now 14 years with this.Heb my twinflame also once a card sent with a bird on it that when you opened it came out of its hole and squeaked as if it meant to say I am there for you .. but whether he realized it? (Unknown)