Q0657. Language of symbols and signs that come your way?


For a long time, everywhere I go I have seen signals and signs that refer to my twinflame (such as his name, our initials, and many other things that relate to us). Is it true that your own inner world is reflected in the outer world? Or does my twin think of me at such a moment? How should I see that and how does it work?

Answer 1
What you yourself are struggling with, working on in your thoughts, where you cannot find out, the universe gives you answers. ask a morning / night question, very consciously, in contact with your guide, your angel, and you will receive an answer in the form of a sign, a symbol or an answer from another person / animal. for me it always had to do with my own questions. What drives my twin is energy, back and forth, that is what I feel differently. if you think you see signs of your twin, maybe you should look inside what the question is and why you asked it? signs for you and maybe about your common goal, whatever that will be .. I get signs that show me the way, but also give me hope. (M.)

Answer 2
I believe morphic fields. See my answer to question 628 (answer 6). (Wieweet)

Answer 3
For about two months it has been raining with me signs and symbols that mainly relate to (association) my twin. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I think that started when I thought I lead my own life, I think as little as possible about her and especially I don’t need her at all and especially at the last thought an explosion of symbols and signs that I come across. I was very sick for a week and I have such a suspicion that my twin, who does not want to be in contact with me, now also notices something is going on. I feel more and more that she wants to contact me and on her site she gives signals that she wants to talk to me. Perhaps because she seeks contact with me, as a result of which more and more signs and symbols can be seen that relate to her age when I first met her, and what I have just written I have written from my intuition. The problem is that I have been around for over a year and a half! to see her while she didn’t want to contact me. I went to see her sick and sick, suddenly I became very calm and very happy that I saw her. Now I still find it very inappropriate what I have done and unfortunately I couldn’t resist seeing her. Now I am still very much worried about this and I still struggle every day what should I do to prevent her from going to her and to date I still have not understood what I should do not see her or speak to her anymore . It just doesn’t work, because after 30 years I am still crazy about her and I feel very well that my love for her is unconditional.

Answer 4
Why don’t you want to see her anymore, what’s wrong with that? isn’t that all the ego that keeps you away from your love? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Every day we become through our soul. stimulated to work on the transformation process. We get signs, among other things, so that we do not forget our soul love and start working on the transformation process. They can be signs to help you in your path or you notice how far the other person is. Even ego uses characters to make the loss worse. All twinflame relationships are different, you will automatically gain insight into how you can interpret these signs. To answer three: Something like this has not been resolved between you. Precisely when you thought you were leading your own life, you are more stimulated than usual that you cannot forget your twinflame. Your souls love to contact each other, souls also want to come back together. You say yourself that it will give you peace of mind. You indicate that you are not in peace because she does not want to talk to you and you would rather not see her. First of all I would try to talk together so that it gives a rest to both of you what happened in the past. From there you can still see how it goes. If you do not close the past, this will have a lasting effect. Follow your feelings, follow your heart and let go of your ego. Love (Alicia)

Answer 6
Thank you, Alicia, it may well be that I have to talk to her about what happened between us in the past and I only know on earth what happened between us and she suddenly left the city without saying goodbye and a few months later she invited me to her wedding and I did not go there. It turned out to be wise, because I learned a few months ago that she wanted to marry me. I just wanted friendship, just bosom friends. Maybe she wants to talk to me about that. I do not know. I was not afraid to lose her at the time, because I was certain that I would see her again and that indeed happened after 29 years. (Unknown)