Q0654. Who can I share it with?


At the moment I am writing a letter to my soul love. Without the intention of actually sending it. He’s almost finished. I only feel an enormous urge to let him read to my parents in the long run, because suddenly I find it very important that they understand this (and me). Only I doubt too much, because I am not sure that they will understand. In short: is it wise to share things like this? And if so, is that only possible with people who have experienced it themselves, or should I also tell my parents? I once read that the incomprehension of others works like ‘noise on the still pure line’. Can anyone advise me on this?

Answer 1
You know your parents best, then you can also best estimate them. I explained it to my old parents as clearly as possible in a long letter. They don’t understand anything. They never want to talk about it again. I don’t care. Do they have anything to think about? Parents have the right to know that their child has a twinflame. Who are we to withhold that information from them, if that is so crucial in their child’s life? role? We don’t argue about it either. They take me as I am. But they say: we are old people (82 and 84 respectively), we do not understand such things. (Unknown)

Answer 2
So when I read your question it happens that you are writing that letter to you because you cannot forget your Soul Love and your feelings are still there. Also because you want to let your parents read it, it seems that your parents have not or never understood you. You must always be able to talk to your parents in any situation. You know best how your parents will respond to this. You just have to follow your feelings, if you want them to read it and give you relief just do it. And why would you not send that letter to your Soul Love? I also wrote a letter myself and sent it to my twinflame. Follow your own feelings is my answer even though you think your parents won’t understand you. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I would advise you not to discuss this with everyone. Unless you have parents who are very open to this kind of business, I would keep my mouth shut. Most people who have not experienced it themselves do not understand it and dismiss it as ordinary cheating. You are portrayed as a heretic and called hovering. My own twin myself does not yet know anything about soul love, that will come its way in due course. Why do you need the confirmation from others? Just listen carefully to your own feelings because that’s right. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Whether you do it because of your attitude, the things you say or a letter doesn’t matter, you can share it with people who love you and who continue to love you no matter what you do, who do not condemn you AND who are not afraid are that you walk on roads that are unknown to them. there is often fear because people do not understand and people are afraid that you are making wrong choices, my parents thought it was scary because I became more alternative, afraid of Jomanda / silvia millecam or something .. but if you are strong in yourself And Show that it is your seriousness then there is understanding and love for you too .. noise is there if you allow it, so stand in your own strength, be sure of your case. noise is a sign that you are not completely out of it yet , then noise can come in, I hear that too, very difficult, but these are pieces that I can still influence. in which I don’t dare to be myself. so the noise is in yourself..hope you can use it..and if i know! that it is people who already condemn it in advance, I just don’t tell anything, then it’s just my thing and I don’t even try to explain it, it is my life, my Love..loving gr (Unknown)

Answer 5
I would first sense whether your parents believe in the paranormal. The twinflame event has a lot of impact on people. Some people do not realize it if you have not experienced the twinflame event. I have often been told that I must forget that man because he used me. We must then be smarter to believe in our own feelings. If you want to get closer to your parents, I would choose a different subject. Find a friend that you support. They often understand this better than parents. Gr (Alicia)
Reaction Dear all. I am the questioner. Then you answer for your questions. I benefit a lot from that. Sunday evening I was with my parents and as if the answer came out of the blue, the conversation came naturally. What did my parents say? “Here you can say anything, you are you and that’s good.” In fact, there was a lot of understanding and respect! I saw a lot of recognition, especially in my father’s eyes, because my parents themselves are the living example of soul love. As adolescents, they had a relationship. That passed and for four years they have not heard or seen each other. My father has always believed in their love and so they have miraculously met again. Less than two years later they got married and had two beautiful childrenWell, I could have known that they would understand. But sometimes I drive myself so crazy. I immediately believe that the noise is in me! I wish everyone here all the luck in love. (Unknown)

Answer 6
If you have a good relationship with your parents and can talk to them well, why shouldn’t you be able to tell. Whether they will understand it or not, they will know what happens to you and why you change. And if you can talk to someone about it, it seems like a good way to air out loud. And then you can perhaps let go of your twinflame a little more, which in turn helps him or her to come closer to you. (Unknown)

Answer 7
haha hovering, they sometimes ask me if I am also going to walk with goat wool socks and do flowers on my bike .. have also been labeled pagan .. yes what is useful, sometimes just keep your mouth shut. if you had lived in the Middle Ages you were a witch, now you can be a little weird, luckily and luckily more and more ‘weird’ people are coming in, meet them regularly and I have to say it’s fine. grtjs (Unknown)

Answer 8
My mother thought it was wonderful. Her words were beautiful and very special. I also wrote a letter. But I am not bound, and we already had a short relationship recently. And although my parents don’t know him, they do know what he means to me. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Great for your sweet questioner, nice that there are people who love and understand you unconditionally .. you can go further with that or not? (Unknown)

Answer 10
You have followed your feelings! Look, fate has ensured that you can discuss things with your parents. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Yes if you follow your feelings, the universe follows you, every step you take that is intended, so following your feelings then the universe / god / love helps you I always get rewards for commitment it seems .. thank you love from above, I am being helped … carried. (Unknown)

Answer 12
There are more people who really know what it is deep in their hearts, in the end everyone is actually looking for all their lives for this love .. even my sons, highly sensitive, see me that it is, they believe me, even when I saw him for a moment, they were so happy for me, the youngest of 8 was just cheering. (Unknown)

Answer 13
Answer 12: I think that is good for your children, that must be great for you! I often hear stories that children, especially when they are so young and later, in puberty, also that they get introverted and quieter after a divorce. Or bedwetting, or something. But your children may be old souls who see the larger whole who see things in a larger context perhaps. My son was also a highly sensitive old soul, was just like me in his last life and realized pretty quickly how the fork was in the handle although he had to get used to it new status quo (my fusion with my twin). It seems that some children have to accompany their parents here in the earthly, when that parent meets his / her twinflame. Do your children perhaps also have that assignment … (Unknown)

Answer 14
To answer 13 . yes that is great too, then I am happy that it is not an obstacle because they feel that it makes me happy, because they see how strong I have become and maybe just because they like it for me..in many statements they already helped me, they must be ‘old souls’ I believe that too. (Unknown)
Response I have already responded here. That my mother thought the letter beautiful and special. In the end I sent the letter to the person who is talking about it. The response was nice and warm. Everything about this exchange is gentle and loving. As it should be. Even though we are no longer together because fear, sadness and uncertainty sabotage things. (Unknown)

Answer 15
And actually you can only really share it with your twin .. I think that’s the intention .. Love. (Unknown)