Q0652. Unclear?


I have experienced quite a bit in my life, I thought. I knew what it was all about and recognized the wrong men. But now? Everything is unclear, until I ended up on this site and was convinced that he is my twinflame, but why am I going to doubt again? Can you tell me if this is my twinflame or if I want to see something that is not there and that it is just about an unhealthy crush? Or are those my fears? A few months ago I met him, the first thing that went through my head was; watch out. No attraction at the time, I thought, but strangely enough, a special contact nevertheless developed. He pointed out things in my life that I have never seen or wanted to see. I asked him questions that made him think. More and more often he started talking about our future together, even about getting married. It became our dream. He said that I am completely in his system, that he is often shocked by the feelings he has for me. But … he still lives with his current partner who does not understand him according to him, where communication is lacking. He cannot leave his children and current life yet, fear of the unknown, fear of the lack of his children, fear of the reaction of his environment and fear whether we would actually be a good couple. The latter because I am always someone who confronts him and he is always afraid of that. He recently shared all these fears with me, at the beginning of our contact he didn’t talk about that and when I asked him about it it wasn’t. He was convinced that we belonged together. Did he fool me? Was it a game? Did I really want to believe his beautiful words? Normally after hearing his uncertainties, I would run away fast, let nothing be heard from me, but now I was just desperately clinging to him. In the meantime there was a kind of mourning for me, two days of crying, while and still just contact. Yet the feeling was already there that I had lost him. I still can’t explain it. After my umpteenth request for a time-out, because I could no longer function properly, had lost control, this time he responded and broke contact. (there had been no contact a month earlier, after he was evicted by his current partner, because she discovered our contact, but this aside) And every time I try to contact again, already after a week I went to ‘our chat’ and when I came online, he was there too. Another two weeks of silence and then I send him another message, to which he responds. The more I want to forget about him, the more I think about him. Physically, not much has happened yet out of respect for his current relationship, it is all more emotional. Can someone tell me how to see this and what to do? I feel lost…

Answer 1
The first thing that went on in your head was: Watch out. Have you often been right about the first thought, did that come true? First, I would like to analyze this. My experience is that the first thought is almost always the right one. And then you indeed have to watch out for a while, a year or so. waterway (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Try not to forget him. Let it go as it goes and then it goes as it should go. If you hang on to him, you repel him, someone who is uncertain can not give you any certainties. Soul love or no soul love, that applies to every relationship. And it is your ego that seeks confirmation. Be quiet, look inside and hear the answer. I get you, I want confirmation too. And that also comes, unexpectedly from unexpected angles. (Unknown)