Q0651. Who has this too?


Who has this too? or has this had? I have been in the transformation Process for a long time now, which involves ups and downs. who also has that if you are changing so much that at some point you no longer connect with your people from your group of friends that you have been friends with for years? Love

Answer 1
I have too. I also notice that I no longer match my old friends. Then I think, is not so bad. I can enjoy myself on my own. And you will find that you will come across people who suit you very well. At least that is true with me. Then I come into contact with people very coincidentally and it feels like I have known someone like that for years. That’s how I came across 2 in the last year. Must be a soulmate or someone I have known in a previous life. (Unknown)

Answer 2
It has been going on with me for years, you change, different energy, no longer want to pee, to hold on because it has been with you for so long, today’s children see that very easily, who know what feel good and not well and therefore may or may not suit them .. if you feel .. do you know (unknown)

Answer 3
In your transformation process your idd changes that you will no longer fit in with friends. By the way, this does not apply to all friends, but only where you have learned your process or that can get in the way of “the new”. In your transformation process there will also be new people who will be on your path temporarily or throughout your life. More sensible and wiser we all become Gr. (Alicia)