Q0649. Why the emptiness now if a man wants to get close?


I met my soul love last year, he couldn’t handle his feelings and broke all contact, we had intensive contact for a year. A calm and pleasant feeling has remained behind me … now a man has come into my life who is crazy about me but I feel nothing .. there is a kind of emptiness a hole … numb when it comes to men … how is this possible ? is this me? who has already answered answers

Answer 1
Yes, I very much recognize what you write. Sometimes I meet someone who really fascinates me, but it is as if the flow stops quickly. I don’t know if that is a blockade in myself. I sometimes wonder, but I don’t think so. Although I am ‘open’ and would like to give it a chance … in the end I feel more and more sad and quiet inside, the feeling towards that person is gone and I only feel better again when I am honest with myself. But only … and that is sometimes difficult. I understand you. (Unknown)

Answer 2
No, this is up to the soul. It is like a download program. If the soul is busy with something then it does not need anything else, because that is not in its download program. And you are the experience that soul has for this you have to gain life, you know, that’s why you don’t feel anything. (Unknown)

Answer 3
If one has encountered his / her soul love, then one is not interested in another man. A soul’s love stands out above others and this feeling is unparalleled. That is why you get the feeling that it doesn’t matter to you. You are already connected to a “piece of yourself”. Those others are not connected to you. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Answer 2 It is not entirely clear to me … I understand it from the first part, but this part … And you are the experience that soul must gain for this life, you know? That’s why you don’t feel anything … does this mean that as long as I live and do not meet my soul love again, this will remain so? or should I just enter into an earthly level relationship with that other person and continue to cherish my experience with my soul love? (Unknown)

Answer 5
@ Answer 4: I have the explanation for question 650 Answer 6. (Wieweet)
Response Response from me (T) I asked the question: Nicely described, I can continue with this thank you (wieweet) and you also answer 2 and 3… 4 I was myself but did it wrong with love and all the good. (Wieweet)

Answer 6
It is very clear and recognizable to me what you write. The soul in us apparently has a very different path in mind. You meet a man according to all wishes, but it doesn’t come to a flame. I believe it is a blockade. Some time ago I broke contact with my twin. I felt good for 2 months. Afterwards I noticed that I was being pulled in his direction again. In the end it was good that I had done it because our growth process needed it. (Unknown)