Q0646. Who can help me?


in 2009 I met a buddy … and then I thought … it is a soulmate … by the time I am a Christian, I have found out that I cannot and will not do this. I have broken … but continuously … my orgasms fall … that I want to stop … which does not work … very annoying … My question is … are there people who have a similar experience … and who have definitely stopped … or who also want to stop … but it doesn’t work … I would like to get in touch with people who can help me further … I hope so … Kind regards

Answer 1
When I met a soulmate, it was also accompanied by intense sexual energy … and images from Christianity that I had not thought of / cultivated myself, but that did show me what was going on. So you have already discovered that not wanting is very difficult, you are just being dragged by the energy. Whatever you may or may not want with it, it is very helpful: making it happen without cultivating / feeding it, but also without much resistance. And pray that ‘Your will be done’ so that you get through as ‘pure’ as possible. Sexual energy can also be very pure and sacred and if you pray it may find another transforming way that you find less stressful. Regarding prayer, you may also feel intuitively how to get through it so that the energy can go its way.

Answer 2
Dear Sylvia, why do you want to stop? what is wrong with feelings .. may you not feel this or do you not want to feel it, is it threatening to you? mar why? is it a high feeling or you just can not deal with these feelings .. as a Christian you can not, of whom not .. it seems more a problem of a struggle that you have between head and heart .. try with those feelings to come along, do not fight it, sometimes my twin sometimes comes in when it does not suit me, that I am working, yet I enjoy it for a moment and then send it away lovingly..and if I’m free, he may come again .. something .. hope I helped you. (Unknown)