Q0645. Let go in the last life?


If you are in the last life and your twinflame is there, but not in your life, can you then let go completely? The one says yes, for example if the twin is in a different process and also in a different relationship? I read a lot on the internet, and that is not a wishful thinking but an honest, sincere question: Do twinflames come together again in their last life and can you let each other go completely? I can, but can I? He panics energetically when I think of another man / relationship option. That panicky reaction creates confusion.

Answer 1
I think you should NEVER let go of your twin. Let his / her own life and own path lead. Yes, that’s true!! But always love !! Always feel happy in the knowledge that you can love your twin so deeply !! If both can then make the right choices, a meeting is 100% sure !! I am convinced of that emotionally. Twinflames who meet each other are by definition old souls. Whether they are also in their last life? No idea. What makes me excited is talking about, believing in, and working on the changes that are already happening in the world, 2012. The world needs these twins and their divine love. Let go (surrender to the higher level with the confidence that you will meet again, a very difficult point for me now) has to be in the initial phase to learn and grow in order to ultimately be able to cope with this divine relationship as individuals. For the benefit of the world … The transition to the 6th dimension! (L.)

Answer 2
I can no longer let go, that is not because I do not want it but I can not even anymore .. yes I also sometimes panic because twin has a relationship, I just do not have another relationship thinking because something / someone else ‘wanting’ something I don’t have to think about it, that’s the difference between us, I do feel love for others but I can’t ‘leave’ it anymore with someone else .. loose, but in my heart I will never let go .. something like that .. hope this is an answer for you .. dear gr. (unknown)

Answer 3
My twin is in a relationship and he is the one with the panic reactions! Energetic then. I have since discovered that he was born with a sense of uncertainty. I was born with a sense of certainty. There is a field of tension in between and that is being solved very slowly but surely. insecurity, they seek security outside themselves, with a partner, a belief, a fixed salary, a piece of land …. that goes very much for security before making a decision. Someone born with a sense of security, has an inner knowledge, is freer and less affectionate, also less vulnerable, and that is precisely what it must learn to do. Become vulnerable. Then the other twin will become more secure in itself. I think we are in such a process. a download program.

Answer 4
I don’t think your twinflame can let go completely. Every time I think I let him go, think less about him and spend less time on it, he comes in three times as fast. Or something inexplicable happens again. How should you be able to let go? I don’t think I can ever let go of twinflame, I wouldn’t know how. (Unknown)

Answer 5
@ antw.3 are you born with that? with uncertainty..i don’t know, I think it is created, by everything in your life, maybe by your birth, by your youth etc..and there are idd people who certainly come across but are very dependent on the inside..that is a job to deal with if you have that .. but you do not get terribly vulnerable when you meet your twin, I have never felt so sad and uncertain about me through twin, it is something you have to go through and you still vulnerable because there is no one more important than your twin, but no one else can touch you to the depths of your soul … whether you are sure or uncertain, with your twin you are both vulnerable when you are together, if you are so loves each other’s sweet eyes / a hug / a smile enough to understand the weather.

Answer 6
Yes you can be born with that, it can be read in the birth chart. It is then a kind of blueprint that can be changed gradually in your life by life itself, after all every person changes. My twin also overcompensated in the past are uncertainty. But as far as my twin and I are concerned, we are well “on schedule” in our separate process … About that letting go, I keep finding it difficult, not too much, not too little, just letting go so much so that soul love is at peace with it and does not feel abandoned in his process. Or feels manipulated by my release behavior. Well, I think so, if the universe is allowed to manipulate then we may twins it occasionally. So above so below ( Hermetic decision). Manipulation can also be a good lesson in how not to do it:) (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yes to everything that Twin says, that sounds 10 times as emphatic. That makes me feel more vulnerable than ever. And it comes out of his mouth once and for all, the intention is always good. But inner uncertainty is nothing but vulnerability, uncertainty lasts longer and is more difficult to bend. Is it still an art and a skill to deal with twin tactically (and from there it follows again, to treat everyone like that) ).(Unknown)

Answer 8
@ answer 6: does not sound very friendly to me: manipulation. I think it’s never good. Manipulation is negative. Universe is positive. I would not dare … pure intentions, remember? (L.)

Answer 9
Letting go is sometimes confused that you have to forget the other person. This has nothing to do with forgetting. Releasing meanings can also be found on this site. Letting go is letting the other work on his / her transformation process and on your own transformation process to get back together later (unknown).