Q0639. Assignment?


It has been written about many times; what kind of assignment you have with each other. I thought it was very simple for us to redo something that had gone wrong. msschm was that an ego wish … from me. I wanted to have the strength to be able to do that, no matter how difficult; together; that would be satisfactory for both. now I feel that it is primarily the way in which we have contact that requires attention; That means that having a goal does not fit now. makes me sad; thought it to understand, let go of all fixed ideas, boxes ffe. what does my soul want? love

Answer 1
why does it make you sad, why is that difficult for you? what is wrong with following your soul, the wishes of your soul that is your guide, the rest will follow automatically. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I recognize it, way of contact that is debilitating and also makes that ego lurk, it can very easily find an opening to take you off your path, bingo! For myself, I only know my path and our goal and I go for that, I also have to make sure that we do not disturb or put pressure on each other, so I think 1 on 1 contact is the only option at the moment. If you find that you are disturbed in your way of contact, you can choose, find another way of contacting or let go of the current way of contact, I chose the latter because the 1st way failed me after several attempts. With this, this is my last post here, love (J.)

Answer 3
My soul wants to give love and more but also wants to receive and sometimes I yearn for it, and our assignment yes too bad if you can only be busy with; how are you going to have contact with each other .. do you understand questioner, shame about the energy, maybe ff needed but something like that should not take too long, go for it is namely not only meant for yourself .. try your goal in mind love, i do too..grtjs (Unknown)

Answer 4
But isn’t that also the purpose of twinflames, this Love? Feel and spread this intense Love? Isn’t that the ultimate assignment? Giving love to everyone around us works healing anyway, whether through a paid job or just in your daily earthly contact. That is in any case the assignment as I feel it. We are all called to feel and spread that deep love because the world needs this special, unique love to transform into a better, loving world. Only in this way can the world survive through this unconditional, non-judgmental, forgiving, accepting love. I suspect that time is running out and that more and more twinflames will find each other, but will also come together to spread that loving energy in their own environment,

Answer 5
There is only 1 assignment, living in love, apart from ego! The rest is automatically driven by “above”. Only you know your path there and watch out for psychological warfare with yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 6
psychol. warf? no, it doesn’t bother me. I feel / see things in a way that is truth to me, I agree with that. that’s how I’m guided. from the soul, I trust that. even though that sometimes doesn’t suit me. I want to stay pure, try. (Unknown)

Answer 7
And there the contact is better again, assignment? (Unknown)

Answer 8
Thank you for the answers; of course ‘the’ assignment is to divide love, but sometimes it is good to let go of that as well. (Unknown)

Answer 9
And I also feel a threshold; we have such a powerful bond; I do not know if I am welcome (Unknown)

Answer 10
Just step over that threshold then you know … love. (Unknown)