Q0633. Yes/no soulmate/twinflame?


March 2010 I came across my soul love. It was a meeting that completely overwhelmed me. I met my soul love in the worst phase of my life. A marriage that has not worked for the last 5 years. For the children I got stuck in this marriage. One evening already sitting on the couch tried for the umpteenth time with partner to put my frustrations of our marriage on the table. Again the answer there I do not want to talk about what the size was full for me and already rushing away Riep: ‘and now I am fed up, I am now going out and looking for another man who is sweet and understanding and who is there for me as a partner … ‘! No sooner said than done. Opgetut on my own and drove to the city and stood in a very long line (2, 5 hours in the freezing cold of the club where I used to go out and where I had met my husband .. Once inside, my head was on thunderclouds and I was not at all watching other men…. Angry and lost in thought, I walked back from the toilet to the basement / dance hall when he suddenly approached me in the hall and walked me to the hall. he! said: ‘Hey you look so strict, you look like a school teacher’! The ice was immediately broken and he told his name, how old he was and what he did. I immediately got a feeling of coming home … He said he was a teacher at a primary school and I myself come from a teacher family. I immediately felt a huge click on all subjects. The Chemistry too. Soon we could not stay away from each other and we had passionate kisses all night long … he took me by the hand to a quiet place where we were already sitting and talking little sheepishly in love and what I normally never do: I patted his nose and face spontaneously while he was telling. For the first six months, we made contact every few days by telephone, via SMS and via MSN and by e-mail. Hotel debotel in love. At home, the relationship that was already at the refrigerator stage went further downhill. In the meantime, our desire to see each other again became g! roter. He also always stated that I was so against his principles because I was married and he couldn’t stand it … He wanted to get me out of his head but couldn’t forget me. I am 36 and he is 25 to illustrate … After much attracting and repelling (in the meantime I had moved out of my parental home with kids and I had settled temporarily in a summer house) we saw each other a second time during the repeat of the party of March 2010 again in October of 2010. He asked me if I would like to answer what I replied well we see it because in the months before he had canceled earlier times at the last minute (out of uncertainty he always indicated). I was there with a girlfriend and had left my cell at home. I did not want to look for him because I ate he had to look for me …. and have been dancing wonderfully all evening .. I suddenly saw him standing on the dance floor at 4 am with his back to me and I patted his back … he turned and she immediately why you do not respond …. have got! sent your text messages and called you (it turned out 7 times that evening when I later checked my phone at home). I introduced my girlfriend to him and we turned towards each other, we looked deep into each other’s eyes and .. he abruptly turned around and walked away from me to change his mind after 15 meters and walk back to me and we sat down on the lounge benches to kiss each other again. Shortly afterwards, girlfriend suggested going home because it was late and asked if he would go. Again doubt with him to which I replied: doubting is allowed but not hesitating ‘which he went with … at my home he indicated that he was upset that he did not like to introduce me to his parents / friends … we went to bed and had wonderful sex .. next morning he hugged me firmly in bed and only said: ‘you promised to drop me back home … I hid my disappointment that he didn’t even want to have breakfast … and almost shut up! end I drove him home his hand continuously on my lap. He said what are you silent on which I just smiled. I told him from day 1 that I don’t expect anything from him, I don’t want a relationship because I am in divorce, but every cell in my body says something else. wants to merge with him .. In the following months both attract and repel a lot … when I told him for the umpteenth time that I wanted to break the contact, he came back with text messages for a few weeks that he could not forget me. All contact was interrupted for 2 weeks because he excludes business … He has admitted that he is bothered by binding. He likes me and is funny and special, he feels attraction and thinks we have a huge click and feels friendship and I mean a lot to him but not for a relationship, he says in the same sentence … I find out why not. This has to do with environmental factors, he says … he thinks it’s not an age difference. He still lives at home … his parents would not be our Relationship! accept it. His brothers are already out of the house … he also says he can’t just stay away one night, he has to adhere to the norms and values ​​at home. On the other hand, he keeps saying he wants and wants to see me. He also suggested that I go dating Loosely to which I finally replied that I cannot because he is under my skin and I am worth it. Eventually I sent him an SMS in which I indicated that I can no longer do this, a bit of texting and / or msm and talking via the Cam because he excludes things by saying sex or in combination with nice things do pay attention to each other but NO relationship) because more is not possible … My question is we cannot do with but also not without each other and we feel each other and are in each other’s head and do not come apart. I know he will respond again … I have closed with you may call me if you want to investigate further what it is that we share in terms of feeling and if you want to go for it .. Such a! not late then but then I really don’t want any contact anymore. For example, I already disconnected the contact and within three weeks he koht with a question via an SMS or I can tell him why he can not forget me … that’s how it goes every time .. We also ask each other so often via msn what we actually want from the other person and I dare not answer that, he did but with that exclusion from a relationship. Mediums have confirmed that this is a soulmate / twinflame. It is really an alpha male (tis a footballer …) and not spiritually laid out … he was socially and sympathetic, he has been a Handicapped caretaker for example) but I am afraid to submit a soulmate / TZ theory to him for fear of his reaction that he is rock hard for example smiling rejects … Someone has a reaction to my story?

Answer 1
My experience is: continue your own life as a single mother and do not seek contact. Saying that he can always contact you, that the door is always open for him. Someone, also a soulmate (which I also suspect in this one) that it is), with fear of attachment, you have to let it go its way. They keep coming, but you must not force them because then they get the Spanish stuffy. Patience patience … (Unknown)

Answer 2
Questioner … The ultimate truth can only be contained in silence, not in finite words. Listen with your heart !! It seems as if you are afraid of something, is that right? (Unknown)
Response Here the questioner in answer to answer 2 … What am I afraid of? That he no longer makes contact … (Unknown)

Answer 3
Only by entering into it will you find out (unknown)

Answer 4
What exactly do you mean by “entering into it”? (Unknown)

Answer 5
What I mean is entering into what you are afraid of. Investigate your fears. You don’t dare tell him the truth about your feelings for him. You are also afraid of rejection when you talk about twinflame and soul love. By avoiding this, distance and uncertainty remain and no authenticity can arise. Experience and go for it, only then will you really find out your question. (Unknown)