Q0631. Deeper friendships?


Do you also have the feeling that you can have much deeper friendships now and that you can be much happier with all the sweet things that happen, I sometimes experience that I am supported by people who ‘accidentally’ come by and then me say something sweet, just what I need at that moment, answers from the universe are soooo lovingly answered that I sometimes have to cry and laugh at the same time, tonight another e-mail that I can just laugh at just because it’s from a ‘unexpected’ new friend comes and gives me hope and shows that there is more than lack, because I experience that every day and makes me happy and sad at the same time, happy because I love twin so much and sad because I sometimes miss him so much. and then I send him my love again and hope he feels it.

Answer 1
The small things make life so special. Especially if you are aware of it. It’s nice that you can enjoy it so much. I used to miss my twin too. later it became clear to me that I am not missing my twin but the lack of love in myself. This makes me more in harmony with myself. (Monica)

Answer 2
Yes, I have too. Ever since I met my twin in March 2008. It is going to live a life of its own, your peace of mind. I do not want it on purpose, because I know …. that when my twin and I come together then the friendships will be over. Then we will be so terribly intertwined and we will do so much together that the usefulness of friendship is no longer there. I am already preparing myself for that. (Unknown)

Answer 3
hi antw.1 and 2. thank you, find friendships that touch my heart very important, understand that you say that but it is not true, besides your twin you also have to deal with the whole society, just people who are good for you feeling that makes you happy are also very important for you / you, then the energy will only become more extensive / spread and you will also have to be strong for all the people around you, including those who are in a different energy , on a different wavelength. That you will have less time for friendships, for example if you work together for the big picture, that’s okay, the time you spend together is quality-time or something like that haha ​​other wavelengths makes you no longer stay with everyone ‘friends because they don’t understand you. make sure you don’t become an ‘island’,

Answer 4
I recognize it, since 2 twin dear friends have also been added with whom I can share everything, I would never have done that before (different and deeper friendships than usual, but also quite free without obligations ), they come your way for a reason. Other friendships and contacts are watering down, yes things like that go on. Can also enjoy much more small things, someone who says something funny to you in the supermarket or on the street or other accidental events. @ antw.2, why should you no longer have your own friendships if you are with your twin, you are not conjoined twins? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, you can add friendships to it. But it is just what you need. My twin is not so bad about friendships, a few loyal ones and that is that. We have been attuned to each other all our lives, to So Siamese twins, it feels so to me. We are still in our last life, so then we have become more and more attached to each other through the many lives, energetically all life lessons are saved and that makes the bond so close that friendship might become superfluous ….? And you can do so much more together if no energy is wasted on friendships. (Unknown)

Answer 6 Answer 5
, it may be that you are absorbed in one another and that it is so nice and busy together that friendships are watering down or getting smaller, but to anticipate that already? and true friendships are not a waste of energy, real friends let you go and sometimes you can’t talk for weeks / months or years, but still know that you can always go there. There is a nice poem about…. Sometimes people come into your life … I don’t have Siamese twin feelings at all, I would spontaneously get fear of attachment , love. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yes I feel that it is precisely because you are completely yourself again that you are very valuable to people around you, it also gives me strength to keep going, to be loving in the world and if that could become even deeper contact with my twin would give so much positive energy to everyone, that is why my twin is more than welcome in my life, miss contact with him, what should actually be there, now I am sometimes matte..and yes that sadness to leave each other again .. as long as you can tell each other, if you are consciously working together how deeply connected you will be, that will be easier too, honesty is very important here, otherwise you shouldn’t touch it (Unknown)