Q0629. Future images?


What has occupied me enormously lately is the following: I have had my whole life that I sometimes imagine the future. They don’t always come true, but I can imagine pictures of that. When the children were small I tried to imagine what they would be like when they were young. Now, for example, I can also form a picture of my daughters if they were actually going to study, in rooms. But of which I totally cannot form a single image, just gray, those are future images of twin and me together. The only thing I have ‘seen’ in recent months were 2 (I call them my) visions. For the rest it is only gray … no image, except for those 2 visions, whether we will ever see each other again. I THINK it and I am also confident that this is from above the intention, but I can’t get a picture of it at all. Do more people recognize that? Is that trying to live in the NOW?

Answer 1
In the here and now I also have a picture of the future, a wish daydream or something, I think that but I also feel that, sometimes I lose that ff, if I am desperate, but I can imagine it, then I see our living / working together. And in the here and now ‘seeing things’ for you creates an image of the future that is truth to you. and isn’t that here and now anyway? so philosophical haha ​​(Unknown)

Answer 2
Before I got a picture, a medium preceded me. She saw something hint of a collaboration. That was a year after the meeting with twin. Again a year later I got pictures of it myself. fortunately, the other time I am very excited. No matter how much we (will) love each other, it remains an unmistakable responsibility that comes towards us, I am becoming increasingly aware of this. And we cannot stand it (Unknown)

Answer 3
Hi L, you know that I know things about the future, together with twin, healing and healing, but what exactly I have to imagine, what my role will be exactly in it, no idea and I make myself there don’t worry about it. I let myself be led upstairs, they will show me the way, I trust that. love (Unknown)

Answer 4 Reply 2
, if you have come together through the ballot committee of the universe to be allowed to continue in the earthly together, then you are already there, then you have been found suitable! then you can assume that you will be provided with exactly what you need at the right moment in order to optimally do your work together. Also don’t forget that you are already doing some sort of task here, for example, by posting messages, you exchange important information and that information actually reaches the people who need it, it is much less complicated and difficult than you think . Looking up to it is unfortunate and unnecessary, enjoy all the beauty that comes your way and trust, I do too. love (J.)

Answer 5
Then I also have a question about that ballot committee; have you come through that even if you and your twin both live on earth in this life and you have met? I know he is my twin but he has not awakened so far that he knows about me. Are we already through this committee or is that only when you actually get into a relationship or express the love of the soul to each other? (Unknown)

Answer 6
Hi antw.5, haha ​​I am not on that ballot committee but I think that if you have reached the level of question 626, then you are about to get there. (Unknown)