Q0622. Who has also felt the sadness disappear, so that only happiness remained?


A few weeks ago I already asked a question here (604) Then my soul love (call it you want) had just broken the relationship with me. That was a short but intense relationship. With many beautiful but also suffocating feelings. I only now feel that afterwards. I now view it more from the sidelines. As if I’m looking at the two people in the middle of it. The feelings I had and have for this man were so special and pure. I could look inside his eyes for miles. He sometimes lowered his eyes. I have never dared to look at anyone like that. Physically it also felt very strong. One kiss from him set me completely on fire. Even the thought of it. That was also unrecognizable to me. I scanned his face with my hands like a blind man, as if I wanted to keep him in my mind forever. I felt that everything was right at that time. I was ready … I thought. But it also had a shadowy side, because I also felt something gnawing. Something that didn’t feel right. Only I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought his feelings. Maybe that was true. But it also came from me.
When my love broke the relationship I pointed to him. He wasn’t ready for it. He still had to process and learn and grow so much. True, but I forgot about that. I was so obsessed (my ego) by him that I really lost myself in him. There had to be contact every day. Mail mainly. I couldn’t live without it, he couldn’t do it either. Something also began to gnaw with him. He also didn’t know what exactly, it felt so good at first. He then translated that into the lack of love. That’s how he feels it. My mind couldn’t understand that. I didn’t get it at all. How could something that feels so good and pure suddenly no longer be love? He did listen to his intuition where I tried to ignore the nagging feeling.
But since a day or two (as in the song) I have been pleasantly numbI now realize that we are both not ready. My ego played a huge part in that short relationship. That was what I was allowed to learn. We were both free, there were no literal obstacles in our way. But our development got in our way. Now I still love him, but it doesn’t feel sad anymore. It feels fantastic. I see everything sunny again. I am nicer for my daughter, I want to work on myself. And I just feel it coming back when we’re both done. Perhaps sooner, when I am ready to help him with his transformation out of pure love, without any expectation. is this real? Or do I want to feel love? But why would that be so? Then I chose someone who is close to me, who would love me. No, I will not send this. I love him very much and I wait patiently for the day until he has stood on the edge of the earth and is ready to come back to me (Arthur Umbgrove expressed it so beautifully in the song “a contract”) And I feel that it doesn’t take very long. No years, no next life. No this life.
I read here about the enormous spiritual development that comes over you in rapid succession when you meet your soul love. I recognise that. It is a matter of weeks for me. I was already very busy in my spiritual growth, maybe that is why it is going fast. I have only known him since the end of 2010. But wow what a feeling. What a perfect feeling of a wonderful promise hanging in the air. You know something’s coming. You just don’t know when and what exactly.
It is also nice that my daughter feels the same for him. He was in love with him after 5 minutes. But I think she also lets him go in love. My dear wise person of 4 years. She even said the day before I got to know him, mommy I have a brother and a sister … he has a son and daughter. A psychic told me that I still had the chance to have 2 children … that didn’t have to be children I would give birth to myself. But children of the heart could do well.
Dreaming about him is no longer painful. Releasing is not painful. The ego that was holding that was pain. No this feels perfect. Euphoria.
The photos that he sent me, at least some thirty, I have all disposed of after the break. But I can get them one by one. A photo album in my head.
He told me a week after the breakup that someone else was there, that of course felt horrible. But not anymore. I also don’t know if the person is still there. But if he really can be my soul love, then I don’t think that after a week he will find something with someone else he said he found with me. Of course I don’t want to fill in his feelings, but I think he was shocked by all the emotion, he said that in the beginning. He even cried sometimes, just because he thought it was so special the love I poured out on him. But I actually didn’t even feel myself doing anything so special.
Oh well and I can continue typing for another week I think
I am very curious if there are people who recognize this story, and whether you think this is a love of soul. I am curious about your opinion, although it does not really matter …. I KNOW.

Answer 1
we are destined for each other and to know that is so moi, no matter how long it takes, I am patient..so yes there is a lot of recognition in me and yes this is certainly law! and soul love..loves (Unknown)

Answer 2
With answer 1 supplement..now only luck? not quite, it remains missing and occasionally pops up, but it seems to me no more than normal if you love someone so much .. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I hold on to Love, to read you too, a song I just heard from Bastiaan Ragas; you complete me so nicely, even if you want to be as complete as possible yourself, yet you complete each other and you want to share that with each other and when I type this I feel my twin so close, my heart overflows. (Unknown)

Questioner here: I also feel that lack. The stupid thing is that the day after this question I feel very sad again. And no idea exactly where that suddenly comes from. (Unknown)

Answer 4
dear questioner, maybe your twin still had a little bit of pain to deal with, you can’t always just be happy, maybe a feeling of missing, I think twin feels more about me than I do about him and that sometimes makes insecure / sad. so maybe your twin has that too (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 4, I even think that he has to deal with a lot of sadness and pain, I don’t think that alone, I know that. But I feel that I feel more about him than he does about me. After all, he did not want to continue, did not feel “the great feeling” anymore. I don’t know what or who the reason was, maybe I do. I gave a lot but am poor at receiving. But the fact remains that he left. And soul love, don’t even know if he believes in it. (Unknown)