Q0618. Different sense of time?


If you have met your twinflame, then you will be endlessly tested to be patient. We are being tested in perception of time, it seems. Getting a sense of timelessness, looking over lives, learning to have all the time in the world. Do you use factor time differently since twin encounters and fusion? Can you exercise more patience than ever before? Also in other cases?

Answer 1
Yes, that is very crazy and very double, I have also had a very different experience of time, now everything is there, yesterday is past and tomorrow is not there yet, looking beyond lives, they don’t know any above time, my age no longer plays any role, have patience and trust, everything comes at the right time etc. etc. and yet … I notice that I am getting impatient now that a gathering with twin is coming, I feel how time is running out. I want to continue! together! do what we have to do! I want to grow together, and preferably as soon as possible, now! How long ?!! Surrender, pffffff. (Unknown)

Answer 2
What I sometimes wonder is that impatience? or is it a divine urge from ‘above’ to no longer wait but to ‘get the hang of it’ and take action? What I hear here too often is; look over, so I don’t believe it, you have recognized your twin and you need something with that? needed for the new time, joining forces / energy and getting started together. Hear a lot of stories about this … wait and see … patience … well for me that no longer works like that, when you have gone through your process you have to continue … a control of ‘above’, you are guided but you also want to cooperate yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Hi answer 2, I agree with your 1st sentence but the rest…. it is idd the divine urge for … that you want to continue but before you have reached that point you will first have to be ready … and you have only arrived at that point when you are ready…. so if you’re not ready, you’re just not ready yet (or your other twin half) and you will have to surrender to ……, it may sound complicated but I think you understand me. Acceptance and surrender that everything is as it is and that everything is handed to you at exactly the right time is not easy, I know, love. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you, yes maybe it sounded impatient again but I write more about how I am doing. yes it is not easy .. but you must want to see the signs and do something with it, they are not signs to lean back and think ha twin thinks of me, no it may be signs that show you the way, that show you how you are doing. (Unknown)
Answer 5 See also my answer, which is posted at 628 (nr8). love (unknown)