Q0611. Tired?


Are you also so terribly tired? It seems to be part of the transformation process, but now and then I drag myself on, what else can you do except ensure adequate sleep and healthy eating and plenty of water.

Answer 1
You can concentrate on nice things, or only nice thoughts are allowed. I withdrew as much as possible and waited until I got more energy. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Recognizable what you say. In my opinion it has indeed to do with the transformation process. What am I doing about it? I take enough rest for myself. I now also release much more control into my daily life. I hope this helps you (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, I also suffer from it. Intense fatigue, and then waking up a few times at night. Many dreams and thinking about my twin during the day. I try to go to sleep earlier and take a lot of vitamins. Wonder if my twin is also bothered by it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Tired, as if you had an elephant on the back of your bike..my way..healthy food, lots of tea and water, yoga, meditation and pleasant work and then I sometimes fall over from the tiredness (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, tired … Both from structurally too little sleep and from all the commotion every day. Since August 2010 I never sleep before 12 a.m. and wake up every morning around 6 a.m. It doesn’t matter what time I went to bed. And yet I perform the same during the day as before. Sometimes, however, I am so tired of all the feelings, of the lack, of all the questions, of the hard work to stay in my positive feeling, that I cannot help but retreat to myself for a whole day. Then even my family members and the energy that they have around me is too much. Rest is then all I want. And that helps. Then I can take it again. When I feel that way again, I choose for myself and give myself peace. I also know that I have been working very hard for 6 months and then I occasionally earn ‘nothing’ at all. (L.)

Answer 6
Dear L, I don’t know what it is, but I always recognize myself in your reactions. With me this is exactly the same! Then my family members can become too much for me, if I want to be alone. Fortunately I have my own space in the house that is all mine. Then I sit down, put candles on, add incense. I meditate or watch pictures of my twinflame. Or I just sit and think and listen to music. Charging so that I can take it again. I find it difficult that this is not always understood, and people do not understand that you want to withdraw. I can also do that by working in the garden, doing a hobby that gives my thoughts free rein, or just while walking or cycling through the city. I think the art is to be able to close you. (A.)

Answer 7
Pfff well dr are some days that I just completely gone in the evening, and then it is still beginning of the week haha. But dr are also days when I am not so bothered by dr. But what I do anyway is to take a rest with no one around you, to have a radio from just lying in bed or just sitting on the couch with a cup of tea really helps! Letting go of things, positive thoughts, cheerful colors in your house and clothing, you do not become happy about it, so it also consumes energy and we need that! good luck, dont worry be happy. Love (E.)
Response Thank you for the answers, I am the questioner. Yes, I have tried everything, taking rest and time for myself, burning incense (delicious) water, tea, sleeping, doing nice things and releasing control even though (was a big step for a control freak like me :-)), yes and then so tired, idd as if you have an elephant on the back. And don’t forget that we work very hard with that entire transformation process, but you don’t see anything of that on the outside. (J.)

Answer 8
Dear J, Yes, hard work, that’s for sure. And I just think that I don’t do anything all day except meditate a bit, think of twin, see connections, send energy and sense my feelings. I sometimes come to nothing essential (household, other things that need to be done) but actually that is not so bad at all I now think. Because it is hard work, but it is not visible. Noticeable for me, because I grow every day. And you too. Sometimes I really have to make an effort to do something, and I succeed, but I need so much time to get things sorted out and also to enjoy the good feeling that twin gives me. I don’t think we should feel guilty about that! (A.)

Answer 9
Yes, I also recognize the story! The sun is beginning to shine a little more outside, I am just MOE MOE MOE. Take a rest? Yes I do enough, but I am never really rested. Especially after dinner the candle slowly goes out. Where it comes from? no idea. After the loss of my twinflame (almost 6 months now) I climbed up from a deep well. So it probably also has to do with the transformation process for me. Nice to know, but very annoying !! And the more I let him go; the stronger he comes back in thoughts, dreams, memories. It is unbelievable to me how that is possible… Does anyone have that experience too?

Answer 10
@ answer 9: what is letting go with you …? Are you trying to ‘ignore’ your twin? Or can you really think of him in love and accept that it will come as it comes? Does he perhaps appear more in your dreams and thoughts because you might ‘block’ him in your ‘release’? Is that the reason why he comes back so strong, because you ‘repel’ him in a certain way? I feel a lot more energetic when I feel good, feel happy. And if I feel happy, it is partly because at that moment I accept that it is the way it is and that I am just very happy that twin exists. That we belong together, and that I am 100% confident that everything will turn out fine. That it is good that I can love him intensely from a distance. That I may try to help him through our special line. If I try to ‘forget’ my twin, so, for example, ‘say’ that I let go of him but then do not FEEL it as such, then I am really tired. Fighting against the beer quay. If I! can see the peculiarity and divinity of our twins, if I can feel GRATEFUL for this, then I am considerably more energetic. Unfortunately this does not happen every day, but thankfully the frequency is increasing! (L.)

Answer 11
I recognize your feeling of tiredness. But that it may have to do with the transformation is new to me. Even after a night of eight hours of sleep, I am dozing off on the train to work in the morning. I also have a great need for being alone at the moment, but I also have the feeling that another time will come when I can handle more social contacts. Somehow I am sure it has to do with the learning process that you are going through. Working with yourself in this way is quite confronting and requires the necessary energy. Remember that it is for a good cause! Because ultimately you want to be together with your soul love just like me. And that is only possible if you both have reached the same level of personal development. A final tip: focus your attention on people and things that give you energy. For example, I like to listen to music or read a nice book. I wish you a lot of strength (Unknown)