Q0603. Intimacy and feelings?


Do you also have the feeling that you are cheating on your twin when you are intimate with your partner? How do you do that when you have sex with your partner … How does it feel for you? if you are so deeply intertwined with your twin?

Answer 1
Yes, I also wonder how my twin is “doing it” (excusez le mot) with his partner while he has known me for three years. is busy with me. Is that easier for men? I am only intimate with myself and then think of my twin. It always goes well. It also feels very intimate. Unknown)

Answer 2
No, I don’t feel like I’m cheating on my twin. At the start of my soul-love development, I felt that I was cheating on my partner when I was just thinking about my twin. But after a while I started to realize that this is completely separate from my relationship with my partner. It is of a completely different order. When I have a day off with my partner, I consciously close myself off from my twin in advance so that he does not get along with my feelings as much as possible. The other way around I also get it when he is with a woman. You are both human. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No problem, I have not been free with my partner for years, I think they managed it up there like that. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 2; the fact that you first have to close for twin says enough to me, and yes they are different kinds of love, not comparable. (Unknown)