Q0602. What do you do with your sense of destination?


Who also feels that subconscious voice that gently forces you to follow your feeling, that you cannot help but follow the feeling that brings you to your twinflame even when you are in a relationship?

Answer 1
My subconscious voice says that I have to keep following my heart and let time do its work, and in the meantime I feel very clearly that the cord is tightened more and more and I find that quite scary. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Subconscious soft voice? It is a conscious dictator! I only have to adjust myself to it or else …. I don’t have a relationship, perhaps that is why it is so clear and certainly not subtle? Incidentally, with humor: is my twin attracting me energetically for weeks, I suddenly knew what he meant by that, nml. that I had to do something in a place where once our collective past was, a past life together, very intense, that ended fatally for both of us. I’m going to figure that out where we have worked, etc. the Louvre hung, depicted as a twinflame couple wrapped in mythological portrayal) and when I got home there was and is no longer a drag on his part. I feel that he is so happy that I did …. When I get home I find a telephone directory from the district synonymous with his last name, while I ordered it from another district! There is no better humor than that of the universal consciousness! (Unknown)

Answer 3
I think it is irreversible, lfs. (Unknown)

Answer 4
know .. deep inside .. just follow your feelings / that voice, actually very beautiful. (Unknown)

Answer 5
If you know there is no escaping it, do what you already know deep down and take that step. It is easy to say this than to actually do it, but say yourself, is there anything better than what you are experiencing now? I wish you all the luck and love! Lfs .. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I think the whole process is irreversible, but it has always been that way, even when you were born alone you are now aware of it. Can’t help it, feel that subtle push in a number of answers, all in time and stay close to yourself. Love (Unknown)

Answer 7
I don’t think it is the intention, at least not mine, to push someone to make a decision, since you are already one with your twin so whatever you do or don’t do, it doesn’t matter … it’s your decision and therefore always good. (Unknown)

Answer 8
your destination is ultimately your twinflame, and then you will continue to grow, you can take a long or short time, just read a nice book about it; ‘through the grebbe line to eternal life’ and for me there is so much truth in it. that destiny makes you wait, that you know that it will be okay, that you recognize this love is so beautiful and that you are connected by god / universe .. actually too good for words, wish I could make contact easier could feel..loves (Unknown)