Q0597. Preparation for collaboration?


My twin and I are going to work together in the future. He is consolidating now, consolidating his position. He has a career marriage in which many ideas are exchanged. His wife unconsciously prepares him in every way. He is now almost in a position. that he can implement reforms in his field. Are there more twinflames, the other half of which is being prepared by the current partner? Or do you not have that feeling?

Answer 1
For a long time I have had the idea that we (partner, twin and I) have agreed above that partner would provide a stable basis, so that twin and I will be able to do our work without any worries. And whether it is correct? that will have to tell the time, so far everything that I have received is correct, I was never allowed to doubt the last part and I was not allowed to feel guilty about it either. I let it come to me, try to stay pure in all my decisions and have faith in the Love and the Source. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Not feeling guilty for me that is still very difficult. It is indeed very best indeed that you just continue as usual, do not interfere with his / her process and remain as pure as possible. I sometimes wonder why the other twin is not can provide a stable basis on his own. But I think I understand it: in his / our previous life he was found to be too little for me and he was forbidden from dealing with me.This humiliation -the soul saves everything- he has an unbridled ambition in this life. Probably his current partner has experienced something similar in a previous life and they are now working together on that karma (because that’s it, they have a karmic marriage) as long as it is needed. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Interestingly, I have never dived into past lives, I understand and overlook the big picture, but I do not know which karma I have built up or have yet to work out. Have you done regression therapy? or do you know it yourself? I have once been told by a psychic that my marriage was karmically “successful” in all respects, but it does not feel right at all to stop. Although it is mega heavy and I am sometimes very close to it, I know it is not the intention, it would break my heart. I let time do its work and follow my heart. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I have had no relationships in this life, so also no karmic relationships or marriages, only karmic encounters and longer and short-lived karmic friendships (if karma had elapsed, friendship would automatically die). So my twinflame did have a karmic relationship, in his wife intercepted her horoscope including this: 7th house in Capricorn! That’s how I find out and twice a medium / psychic has given me a few starters, they both exclaimed: “But you already know so much! You do not realize how much you all know! ”Apparently they saw that, one of them even reacted a little suspiciously, thought I already knew it and that I sought confirmation from her if she received the same from her guide. Haha, nice hey, it gave me confidence and so I became more and more clear and I got more and more things through,

Answer 5
About that feeling guilty, that is ego that tells you to feel guilty if you know that every soul has determined their lessons in advance, even children choose their parents to learn their lessons. I know it is very difficult, especially in everyday life with earthy conversations, very heavy conversations too, where you sometimes really bump into walls, so difficult to stay close to yourself and not to be influenced from outside. But if you know how I think my marriage will end, then you also know that I had to dig very deep to be able to accept that, and that is precisely why it is very important that I remain very clear in my decisions. It’s hard, but you don’t have to feel guilty, as long as you follow your heart without being influenced by ego. Love (J.)