Q0595. Inner-drive?


Inner-drive message: Whiskey, we weigh and weigh, we can continue to talk endlessly about the enormous Love we are allowed to receive and yet and still .. if you see your twin and you recognize and then you are already swept through the universe and weighed then you may or must (you get this for good reason) you do something with it, en route to another time. Do you not feel that inner drive?

Answer 1
You are right, I think, when you meet your soul love, you are already weighed and weighed by the universe. However, that does not mean that it will all come up. Only then does the work begin, the enormous soul development in the spiritual field. At least, that’s true for me. I find it very difficult at the moment to be in this process and at the same time very fascinating because I discover that I can do things that I could not have imagined (clear vision). The difficult part is that my twin does not recognize everything on a conscious level. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Certainly I feel that inner drive !! I clearly feel that I have met my twin because they need me, that I will do other work and that I can help to lead the world into a new era. Despite the fact that I miss my twin enormously, I also know that we are not meant for a relationship. Maybe / hopefully at the cooperation level, someday. Do not think that I will never see him againUntil then this is very clearly the period for me to transform, to develop spiritually. To prepare for what is to come, for what will become my task. Is not yet visible to me now, but I feel that things are going to change. Always get very excited when I think about this. I also know that meeting your twin is not just about having a love affair. The world needs these twins with that intense love to spread the love around the world. To bring about a change in the world. All twins have a task. And that’s not just waiting for each other. But the twins also know that (L.)

Answer 3
Dear L from answer 2, I fully endorse what you write. Twins are not always or perhaps usually not intended to enter into a relationship in the sense of an earthly relationship with all the trimmings. There is a spiritual purpose of soul love, even though this is often not entirely clear when you encounter your twin. I too know who my twin is and we are miles apart from each other even though he lives in the same place as me. So I mean removed on an emotional level. I experience that I grow enormously and learn to see things that I had never thought possible. I was always clear-knowing but never dared to trust it. Thanks to many signals and so-called coincidences, I now know that I can safely do that. I once visited a medium to ask questions about what I was experiencing (dreams of deceased loved ones among others) and she confirmed that I know everything myself, I don’t need an external source for that. And she was right. I know a lot about my twin and I sometimes find that difficult because he doesn’t even know it himself. I just see through it, as if it is transparent. He says and does very different things from what he really IS and that often hurts, even though I know that his soul is good and it doesn’t want to. I learned to him at such a time! and block. Then I really banish him from my system. And that works. But he comes back to me twice as hard, then I feel him and I dream enormously vividly about him. It is a never-ending fair in my head and feeling, that’s how it feels. And I’m not always happy with it, but I know I can’t get away from it. It IS just there (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, you have to do something with this! I often have the idea that many twinflames get stuck with the phenomenon, stay sad because of what they don’t have, stick their heads in the sand (I don’t mean bad) and look no further. When you have met your twinflame, it is a challenge to become yourself again, to be able to leave behind all old pain and sorrow, to be able to move forward in your spiritual development and to gain insight. Search for yourself, your true self. And if it is destined to be allowed to continue with your twin in this life someday, you must first be yourself again. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 3: I recognize many things in your writing. By acting on your insights, you become stronger and more powerful and you start looking differently at the tw topic. You no longer want to depend on your twin. I now treat my values ​​and standards with greater care. I now draw boundaries more consciously. Because I am going to let go more, the more my twin feels this, the harder he pulls. He is still looking for things outside of himself and understands that pulling on me is not useful. Just like you, I do not always find it pleasant. I also block him when he is busy. I have set a condition for him to contact me only if he can speak from his heart. I know he can do it, because he did it during our relationship alone. I don’t expect him to ever do that again. In the meantime I lead my own life and that feels good. The bond between us has remained, but that desire that I had was in me all the time, but I am far off! members projected on him. I now know that I can do without him and be happy. Because he pulls harder, the more powerful I become. With all my love I hope that someday he will find his way back to his heart or his peace. (Unknown)